Here we look at two examples of the fine art of gunmaking, each defined by the divide between man and machine. Gunmaking is a finely crafted and honed art form that, for generation after generation, has been subject to improvements, refinements and fettling, in terms of both artistry and technologicalRead More →

The allure of shooting the fastest gamebird in Britain is as high as ever and Britain’s red grouse provide some of the most exciting sport a game shot can have, says Gordon Robinson of the Royal Berkshire Sporting Agency. “The red grouse, or just simply ‘grouse’, as they are generallyRead More →

Ugbrooke Park in south Devon has a rich history and among its Capability Brown designed landscapes lie some of the finest sporting opportunities and hospitality the UK has to offer. At the helm of Ugbrooke Park is Alexander Clifford, who took over the reigns of this sporting estate after hisRead More →

Tweed is synonymous with British countryside life and style, evolving with modern trends but keeping its traditional values. Emma Sandham has more. Tweed is synonymous with British countryside life and style. It has its origins in the 18th century and became popular in the 19th, with the 15th Duke ofRead More →

Pheasant shooting has been popular in Britain since the 1500s. CALIBRE speaks to a panel of experts to find out how to get started in this thrilling sport. Pheasant shooting is a sport with serious heritage. It became popular in Britain with the arrival of practical hand-held firearms in aroundRead More →

Collecting antique and vintage firearms and militaria can not only satisfy our boyhood fascinations, but can make sound investment sense too. Whether the interest stems from a boyhood fascination with firearms and militaria, or a buyer has long coveted a charming pair of guns from the nation’s finest manufacturers, fulfillingRead More →