The original Audi Quattro, introduced as a road-going car in 1980, wasn’t a great car. Weighing 1,290kgs (which might be lightweight now – the new A1 quattro weighs the same –  but it wasn’t, not then) it under-steered like a pig because the majority of the five-cylinder engine’s weight layContinue Reading

Long an American icon, the Wrangler is starting to make its presence felt among the UK’s offroading community, writes Carlton Boyce. Despite being an all-new vehicle, the new fourth-generation ‘JL’ Wrangler is still instantly recognisable as a Jeep. In fact, it’s so recognisable that it’s probably one of only half-a-dozenContinue Reading

The Audi A5 might be all the car you ever need, according to Carlton Boyce. The answer to the question: “What car should I buy?” always used to be the VW Golf, usually with a turbo-diesel under the bonnet. Thus equipped it was fast and frugal while being spacious enoughContinue Reading

Few things bring out the big kid in us like cars do – or are capable of igniting a life-long passion…   All photos: Andrew Green @picturecorner

The McLaren F1 is still widely considered to be one of the most beautifully engineered cars of all time. But Carlton Boyce explores the one aspect of its design that escaped almost everyone’s attention… When Mark Roberts, McLaren Automotive’s design operations manager, studied technical drawing at college he fully expectedContinue Reading

I was stuck. Completely and totally and irrevocably stuck, head-first in a bank of snow at the side of the Dempster Highway. All four wheels were spinning uselessly. It was -25°C and early afternoon. It would be dark in just a few hours when the temperature would fall even further.Continue Reading

After a decade of extraordinary growth, Michael Atkinson explores the recent downturn in classic car values. The Coutts Passion Index tracks the changing values of ‘passion’ assets – assets that reflect the diverse interests of high net worth individuals, such as fine wine, art, watches and jewellery, luxury property andContinue Reading

Jaguar builds some very good sports cars and saloons – and the XF Sportbrake,which is Jaguar-speak for an estate, is even lovelier to behold than the saloon upon which it is based. But offering an estate is no longer enough because everyone thinks they really need an SUV, which meansContinue Reading

The standard X-Class is a great pickup; it might be based on the Nissan Navara but the changes Mercedes wrought are so great as to make it almost a completely different vehicle – and I’m not just talking about the interior. Lesser models might be powered by Nissan engines andContinue Reading