Racy 60s appeal meets modern technology. Phil Huff drives the Alpine A110 to find if the combination is something seriously special.

If your usual helicopter doesn’t feel quite fast or luxurious enough, perhaps it’s time for an Aston Martin helicopter? Thanks to a partnership with Airbus, that’s now possible.

Turning a corner, I find a portrait of W.O. Bentley staring back at me. Behind the image stands the EXP2, the oldest Bentley in existence that was, in its day, faster than anything else on the road. I’ve got goosebumps, and the day has only just begun.

Christmas might be coming, but Lego and Top Gear are going for the Boxing Day Special Edition market with their new collaboration, the Lego Technic Top Gear Rally Car.

Remember Top Trumps, the competitive card game that ultimately comes down to “mine’s bigger than yours”? Now there are some Top Trumps retro game packs allowing you to reminisce over the 40 years that Top Trumps has been the UK’s no 1 card game.

It’s more than 50 years since Alvis disappeared, but was it just hiding in plain sight? We look at where Alvis went, and where it is now…