You’re probably bored of reading about the new Lotus Evija by now. So, we won’t regurgitate the usual PR guff about bhp, performance and price. Instead, we’ll let Andrew Green show you what the launch was like – and he’ll do so without saying a single word…   Andrew GreenContinue Reading

Carlton Boyce discovers what might just be his favourite hot-hatchback of 2019. CUPRA is SEAT’s performance sub-brand, so the model we are looking at here is the hot version of the already brilliant SEAT Leon. How hot? Well, it sports nigh-on 300bhp, which is plenty in a front-wheel-drive chassis. AnContinue Reading

Carlton Boyce explores what makes a Jaguar a Jaguar with two of the firm’s senior designers. I didn’t have to think for too long before accepting the invitation to drive a selection of Jaguars and Range Rovers around The Cotswolds. After all, it was mid-week, it was summer, and theContinue Reading

The lady at the bank keeps asking me So how’s your day going? I say some days wild and others serene Hand-Raised Wolverines, Tom Russell Highway Thru’ Hell, the Canadian TV documentary about heavy rescue operators working on the roads of British Columbia, initially showcased Jamie Davis and his fleetContinue Reading

Andrew Green steps out from behind the lens and into the driving seat of a Classic Maserati 3200 ‘Boomerang’ for this, his debut car review. One of the interesting things about car design is that each manufacturer has its own approach to fulfilling what is essentially the same function. AndContinue Reading

Suzuki Swift Attitude Front

The Suzuki Swift is a small car with an unfeasibly big attitude, says Ian Angus. Suzuki has built a brand on building small cars and 4x4s that provide great value for money; after the Jimny, the Swift is its most recognisable model, and that has now been given a mid-lifeContinue Reading

The Volvo XC40 removes the hassle of driving but leaves a good dose of fun, says Ian Angus. Despite the SUV market in the UK having become ever more crowded, Volvo is keen to enter the fray and make your SUV-buying decision even harder, and the XC40 sits at theContinue Reading

If the Range Rover Sentinel is a bit too flash for you, then the armoured version of Volvo’s XC90 might be just the ticket. Unveiled following “numerous requests” for an armoured version of their perennially popular SUV, while the project took just two years to bring to market, Volvo wasContinue Reading