A bike bell is just a bike bell, isn’t it? Not necessarily, as Carlton Boyce discovers. We’ve covered cycling before, largely because we think it is one of the very best ways of keeping fit while having fun. Easy on the joints, it’s a great alternative to jogging as theContinue Reading

An ever-increasing focus on health means restaurants and bars are also seeing a significant and increasing demand for alcohol-free drinks. Lunchtime sittings, especially during business meetings, often require alcohol-free beverages.  Simultaneously, tea is gaining in popularity and expanding well beyond your everyday brew. The demand for speciality black, green andContinue Reading

“Compromise is not about losing. It is about deciding that the other person has just as much right to be happy with the end result as you do,” observed author Donna Martini. In the political sphere, compromise is sadly thin on the ground, yet it remains, thankfully, a vital partContinue Reading

Carlton Boyce sets aside his mistrust of the breed in order to drive a Citroën C5 AIRCROSS SUV into to Wales to watch a spot of rallying. While both rallying and Citroën have played important roles in my life (I’m old enough to have seen the Group B cars raceContinue Reading

Roast be thy name, in Borough Market they flock, give us rib-eye steak and Rioja, on earth as it is in heaven, for despite any financial meltdown, they will come. James Lawrence seeks comfort food in London. Opened in 2005, Roast has weathered London’s notoriously cut-throat and competitive dining sceneContinue Reading

Never a fan of SUVs and crossovers, Carlton Boyce wonders whether Kia’s XCeed CUV can change his mind. You might be forgiven for not knowing what the Kia XCeed actually is. You will, of course, know that the Ceed (now minus the apostrophe that no one could ever remember whereContinue Reading

Growing up in a cricket mad household in the seventies, it’s no surprise that one of my earliest memories is of Ian Botham putting the Aussies to the sword in the Ashes series in the summer of 1981. During that iconic Headingly Test, I distinctly remember my father declaring EnglandContinue Reading

Westley Richards, the iconic Birmingham based gunmakers, held an event at its Pritchett Street showroom and factory recently to celebrate the launch of its new partnership with Orvis UK. The ‘Orvis Residency’ will run for three months, including the Christmas period, at the Westley Richards store in Birmingham’s Gun Quarter.Continue Reading

Orvis currently has a residency at the Westley Richards showroom in Birmingham, and CALIBRE magazine spent the afternoon there last Friday learning how to cast a fly. Shamefully, while I’ve done a fair bit of sea fishing over the years, I’ve never done any fly fishing, so when the kindContinue Reading