If you’re embarking on a family holiday down under and can’t face a full 24-hours in the air, a layover – or better still a slightly longer stopover – makes good sense. The likelihood is that your flight is stopping en route anyway to refuel and resupply so why notContinue Reading

While Stewart Longhurst honed in on The Outlaws for us, photographer Andrew Green took a typically electic, wide-angle view of the London Concours.   Photos by Andrew Green @picturecorner

Middle England loves an SUV and Carlton Boyce takes a look at the world’s best-selling compact SUV, the Honda CR-V. Honda’s contribution to the genre is a neat-looking thing, curvy and athletic, managing to successfully hide its lofty stance while still giving the raised driving position we Brits love soContinue Reading

In the first of a series of articles examining the lyrics behind well-known songs, Carlton Boyce takes a look at Romeo and Juliet by Dire Straits. Taken from their 1980 album Making Movies, the beauty of Romeo and Juliet for me is the way Mark Knopfler (who wrote the songContinue Reading

James Lawrence takes a look at the changing face of the English cocktail scene – and comes away impressed. The United Kingdom has long been associated with a prominent, and indeed infamous, drinking culture. Other countries, especially those where binge drinking is a rarity rather than the norm, are aghastContinue Reading

The recent London Concours, held in the splendidly unexpected city centre greenery of the Honorable Artillery Company, featured a new class called “The Outlaws” where customised classic cars could compete for glory in the same arena as the highly polished, original and rare machinery you more typically expect of aContinue Reading

In his second column, Matt Pym, CALIBRE’s resident wine expert, takes a look at what constitutes good taste and nominates his Magnificent Seven Champagnes. Some things happen when one works in the drinks trade.  At restaurants, wine lists automatically get handed to me (not a problem), dinner party guests rarelyContinue Reading

The front of the Jack Russell Inn, Faccombe

You would be forgiven for doubting your sat-nav on the approach to the Jack Russell Inn in Faccombe. Driving through the trees, the green canopy pierced here and there by shafts of sunlight, it feels as though you’re driving into the depths of a forest, and should be leaving breadcrumbsContinue Reading