Remembering a charity in your will can have great benefits for all parties, says Gill Wadsworth. In the UK avoiding eye contact with a chugger – a charity hawker standing in the street attempting to secure donations from passers-by – is a national pastime. As is the often partly reluctantContinue Reading

The Kia Stinger is all about the journey, as Ian Angus discovers… Kia has dubbed the Stinger (its first foray into rear-wheel-drive) a grand turismo rather than a sports car; to my eyes, it’s the best looking car Kia has ever produced. It’s also been around for a couple ofContinue Reading

In an age over-saturated with gaudy images, black-and-white maintains its integrity. In the age of Instagram filters and hyper-saturated, computer-generated advertising images, there is one type of photography that has managed to maintain its integrity: black-and-white. Whether you are shooting with the highest-end digital camera or simply a mobile phone,Continue Reading

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Mürren is home to some of the best skiing in the Alps, but its beauty shines all-year-round. The small town of Mürren, high in the Bernese Oberland region of Switzerland, is hidden away among the snowy peaks of a region rich in history, stretching back through its Bronze and IceContinue Reading

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London has been home to some of the UK’s most infamous criminals and touring their old haunts is a fascinating way to explore this great city. Infamy is a tricky beast. By one token those that achieve it deserve any memory of them to be removed from the public consciousness,Continue Reading

For many young men the Jensen Interceptor was the epitome of cool and in deepest, darkest Oxfordshire there is one company breathing new life into this classic marque. “Most customer conversations begin with ‘when I was a lad’,” says Durran Heslop, head of client relations and marketing at Jensen InternationalContinue Reading

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