We might soon be able to go to a pub garden and enjoy a drink but social distancing will still leave the experience lacking. The drinks-to-home business is booming, as you would expect, and Lollipop is joining the fray with its bar-grade cocktails by post.

We’re reminded to stay indoors every five minutes, but that makes your home feel like the worst escape room game ever, with no clues to crack, no puzzles to solve, no exit and no winners. Whilst you might feel like you’re in a story, the reality is far less exciting.

Expert car reviewers know their stuff, but sometimes you just need to put a real customer in a car to find out what really works, so we asked pick-up driver Charlie Grinnall to put the latest Nissan Navara to the test.

When we’re all allowed out again, you’ll want to find a luxury chateau hotel, ideally with a freshly revamped spa, and just a short flight from home. Before we all got locked down, we sent Melanie May off to experience Domaine de Verchant and the best Montpellier can offer…