You’re probably bored of reading about the new Lotus Evija by now. So, we won’t regurgitate the usual PR guff about bhp, performance and price. Instead, we’ll let Andrew Green show you what the launch was like – and he’ll do so without saying a single word…   Andrew GreenContinue Reading

Nosing through Twitter back in January 2018, I stumbled upon a heated argument between a prominent Millennial and a fellow-author in his early fifties. The Millennial had tweeted her frustration after being outbid on a flat by a buy-to-let landlord. The author had little sympathy. Two hundred comments later, theContinue Reading

Carlton Boyce discovers what might just be his favourite hot-hatchback of 2019. CUPRA is SEAT’s performance sub-brand, so the model we are looking at here is the hot version of the already brilliant SEAT Leon. How hot? Well, it sports nigh-on 300bhp, which is plenty in a front-wheel-drive chassis. AnContinue Reading

James Lawrence braves building noise in one of London’s busiest areas in order to down cocktails and eat oysters. The man’s devotion to his readers knows no bounds… If location really is everything, then Vivi is possibly London’s most divisive restaurant; situated at the Tottenham Court Road/Charing Cross Road intersectionContinue Reading

Carlton Boyce explores what makes a Jaguar a Jaguar with two of the firm’s senior designers. I didn’t have to think for too long before accepting the invitation to drive a selection of Jaguars and Range Rovers around The Cotswolds. After all, it was mid-week, it was summer, and theContinue Reading

Chris Pickering visits Princess Yachts and discovers an intoxicating mixture of performance, luxury and craftsmanship Not far from the steps where the Pilgrim Fathers boarded the Mayflower, and overlooked by the headland where Sir Francis Drake awaited the Spanish Armada, you’ll find an altogether more modern slice of Britain’s maritimeContinue Reading

James Lawrence visits Kahani and experiences subtlety with power, and confidence with restraint. So far, I really like it. Admittedly, I have only just put my foot through the door but I have already received a warm welcome from the manager – and the smell is enticing. I’m sitting inContinue Reading

The lady at the bank keeps asking me So how’s your day going? I say some days wild and others serene Hand-Raised Wolverines, Tom Russell Highway Thru’ Hell, the Canadian TV documentary about heavy rescue operators working on the roads of British Columbia, initially showcased Jamie Davis and his fleetContinue Reading

Andrew Green steps out from behind the lens and into the driving seat of a Classic Maserati 3200 ‘Boomerang’ for this, his debut car review. One of the interesting things about car design is that each manufacturer has its own approach to fulfilling what is essentially the same function. AndContinue Reading