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Driven to Extremes: Subaru Forester

Subaru operates in a slightly odd space, almost embarrassed by its glorious rallying heritage and now only making sensible SUVs like the Forester and XV.

Montpelier Plantation, Nevis: History Meets Caribbean Luxury

Montpelier Plantation & Beach is a boutique hideaway on the Caribbean island of Nevis, a former British colony steeped in history and known for its vibrant natural beauty.

Jet2 a Golf Break in Madeira This Autumn

Travelling to sunnier climes for a weekend of golf has just got easier and cheaper, as introduces a special golfing deal for its flights to Portugal and Madeira, Spain, Turkey and Cyprus.

Exploring Ottawa: Five Things To Do in Canada’s Captivating Capital

There’s much more to Canada than the Rocky Mountains and the Calgary Stampede, with Ottawa being a sophisticated destination in its own right.

Five Things: UK Tours That Provide a Microadventure for Your Staycation

With the last year feeling like it’s lasted for about four regular years, getting away for a microadventure or a quick UK staycation will feel like a month-long break in the Caribbean.

Five Things: The Best Rye Whiskey Cocktails You’ve Never Tried

Your home bar skills should be coming along nicely after almost 12 months of restrictions, but rye whiskey cocktails are still an unknown to many. We’re here to fix that.

Ten Ultimate Bars Around the World for 2021

Drinking evening cocktails in the best bars in the world is something few of us have managed over the last year, but 2021 should be different…

Five Things: Letting the Train Take the Strain on These Cultural European Tours

Having had a year which was devoid of travel, culture and diversity, these European train tours might just the easy-going solution you need.

Champagne for Your Valentine: Five of the Best

A bottle of bubbles, be it Champagne or fine English sparkling wine, helps make your Valentine feel special. Here’s our selection of the finest five…

Spice up Valentine’s Season With Masons of Yorkshire Gin Cocktails

The popularity of gin continues, inspiring an explosion of new distilleries over the last decade, including Masons of Yorkshire and its innovative flavours.

The Best Valentine’s Day Fine Dining Meals at Home

Valentine’s Day dinner and drinks are off the menu this year, but you can now recreate the fine dining experience with a restaurant prepared meal at home.

Larking Around: Interviewing Bill Bailey

Comedian Bill Bailey has been a permanent fixture on our TV screens and stages for the best part of two decades. He talks CALIBRE through what it all means.