“Don’t talk to me about sophistication, I’ve been to Leeds.” That famous line from a classic Harry Enfield sketch – involving an unsophisticated, boorish Yorkshireman – was referenced on more than one occasion during a recent trip to the county’s largest city to explore the Leeds food scene.Read More →

James Lawrence takes a look at the changing face of the English cocktail scene – and comes away impressed. The United Kingdom has long been associated with a prominent, and indeed infamous, drinking culture. Other countries, especially those where binge drinking is a rarity rather than the norm, are aghastRead More →

Is there a finer city than London for passionate oenophiles? I hardly think so – London is bursting at the seams with specialised merchants, wine bars, globe-trotting sommeliers and grand tomes that contain every conceivable rare vintage, from Latour to Cristal.Read More →