Always dreamed of owning a boat? Good at DIY? Here we weigh up the pros and cons of building your own. What if you want the craft between your feet and the water to have been produced by your own two hands? What if what you really yearn for isContinue Reading

Made famous during the Battle of Trafalgar, the HMS Victory is often regarded as Britain’s greatest warship, says Peter Goodwin. When she was launched in 1765, the 104-gun HMS Victory was the ultimate warship design of the Georgian era. Many years later, as Admiral Lord Nelson’s flagship at the BattleContinue Reading

Why wait until January 1st to make a resolution to follow your dreams? There is no time like the present.

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Pack the picnic and weigh anchor. Liz Henry talks stress-free boating with Rib Club Global founder, James Patterson. One of life’s greatest adventures is to take to nature’s most exhilarating playground, below azure skies and blazing sun, to join the ranks of history’s distinguished mariners, exploring undiscovered coves of silverContinue Reading

A circumnavigation of Iceland is the best way to understand its rich and detailed mythological history, says Richard Tarrant It is said that Icelanders do not talk, that they tell each other stories, continuing a grand tradition dating back to the extraordinary sagas of the 13th century and beyond. RecountedContinue Reading