Shooting in Spain is a sporting experience like no other. Spanish gunmakers and family estate owners tell us why. Spain is renowned for its hospitality, culture, gastronomy and climate. But for many Brits, Spain is also the ultimate escape for shooting, offering Spanish partridge, high-quality guns and affordable shooting days.Read More →

[if_slider id=”4055″] Purdey’s new Trigger Plate shotgun blends modern manufacturing techniques with traditional hand crafted skills. British shooting has seen an increase in the prominence of higher birds and heavier cartridges, and Purdey’s newest shotgun reflects these challenging conditions. Made entirely in the company’s London workshop, Purdey’s Trigger Plate over-and-underRead More →

One of the most traditional of British pursuits, shooting is easy to begin but challenging to master – that’s what makes it addictive. Caroline Roddis has all you need to know to get started. Whether it’s sharing a laugh with friends at a clay ground, gazing through your rifle sightRead More →

From casual birdwatching to twilight hunting, Barnaby Dracup has all you need to know for buying a pair of binos. Buying a pair of binoculars might sound straightforward, but when it comes to finding the best binos for your needs, there are a few things to consider. Binoculars come inRead More →

A pheasant tikka masala is, of course, a game of two halves; the pheasant has to act in concert with the spices, and in a really good curry the two slip seamlessly into one.[1] In this respect there’s nothing to worry about with Wild and Game’s version; it tastes, dareRead More →

The exclusive Renaissance Collection is 100% English made and available in 12, 16 and 20 bore featuring a gold-plated trigger, extended full-length trigger guard, engraved stock cap and personalised stock oval. With their patented barrel technology, the barrels are made from one piece of metal with no soldered joints ensuringRead More →

Britain’s red grouse provide some of the most exciting, and exclusive, sport a well-heeled gentleman can have “The red grouse, or just simply ‘grouse’, as they are generally called par excellence, is the shooter’s delight, and affords more sport than all the other birds of Great Britain put together,” saidRead More →

The Champion of Champions shooting competition in the John Bidwell shooting arena.

The Game Fair is the largest outdoor countryside-themed event in the world! The 59th Game Fair is set to attract around 120,000 visitors and 1,000 exhibitors to its brand new venue, Hatfield House in Hertfordshire, which will host this year’s Game Fair – set across three days from Friday 28thRead More →