A friend recommended the OMM Kamleika range to me; she swore by it for long-distance mountain running. Being new at the sport at the time, I was keen to take any advantage I could get – and better kit means faster times, right? OMM, or Original Mountain Marathon, is aRead More →

I arrived in Whitehorse with only the clothes I was wearing, a state of affairs brought about by the airline’s inability to synchronise passenger and luggage. I would need to buy more than just underwear and a toothbrush…Read More →

A pheasant tikka masala is, of course, a game of two halves; the pheasant has to act in concert with the spices, and in a really good curry the two slip seamlessly into one.[1] In this respect there’s nothing to worry about with Wild and Game’s version; it tastes, dareRead More →

Arc’teryx was already one of my favourite brands; in a world full of brand names whose heritage has been thrown away in the pursuit of a fast buck – yes Burberry, I’m looking at you – the Canadian firm refuses to compromise on the quality and design of its products.Read More →

The exclusive Renaissance Collection is 100% English made and available in 12, 16 and 20 bore featuring a gold-plated trigger, extended full-length trigger guard, engraved stock cap and personalised stock oval. With their patented barrel technology, the barrels are made from one piece of metal with no soldered joints ensuringRead More →

The Swiss ski resort of Laax offers quiet pistes, impressive freestyle opportunities, chic architecture and a hipster vibe. Rosie Fuller investigates. “Of course older people can freestyle,” says ski instructor Basil Weber. “You just need the motivation… and to not be afraid.” The ski resort of Laax, just a coupleRead More →

On a crisp December morning, fishing enthusiasts congregated on Orvis UK’s idyllic Kimbridge beat to engage in a spot of Winter grayling fishing ‘The Lady of the Stream’ Belonging to a cold-water fish family of six sub-species, the grayling – Thymallus thymallus – can be found across areas within theRead More →

Britain’s red grouse provide some of the most exciting, and exclusive, sport a well-heeled gentleman can have “The red grouse, or just simply ‘grouse’, as they are generally called par excellence, is the shooter’s delight, and affords more sport than all the other birds of Great Britain put together,” saidRead More →

As I perch at my keyboard, there’s a small scar on my left hand. It’s a familiar sight, as it’s been there every day since 1979, a physical reminder of the day my dad took me on my first proper fishing trip. His cousins had not long finished excavating aRead More →