Aston Martin Helicopter Takes Off

If your usual helicopter doesn’t feel quite fast or luxurious enough, perhaps it’s time for an Aston Martin helicopter? Thanks to a partnership with Airbus, that’s now possible.

Based around the Airbus’ ACH130 helicopter, Aston Martin has equipped the special edition choppers with a range of four interior and exterior designs. The helicopters are embellished with Aston Martin signature elements, starting with the iconic Aston Martin wings, which are embossed onto luxury leather features positioned throughout the cabin.

The first aircraft is presented in a Stirling Green themed external colour scheme, featuring a painted gradient which fades into Jet Black on the underside of the helo, accented with Skyfall Silver around the cowlings. Xenon Grey, Arizona or Ultramarine Black options are also available.

There’s luxury inside, with an automotive-inspired cabin trimmed in Pure Black ultra-suede with a palette of selectable leathers comprising Oxford Tan, Pure Black, Cormorant and Ivory.

The front seats have the same brogue detailing running down the back that you would find in the Aston Martin DB11 sports car. Touchpoints are covered in exquisite leather, providing a comfortable experience to passengers.

The automotive style has been worked on by the aeronautical designers at Airbus Corporate Helicopters and the automotive designers at Aston Martin for over a year.

“We have our own set of automotive design principles but in recent years we have been learning how to apply our principles to other areas of design, such as architecture, motorcycles and now helicopters,” explains Marek Reichman, Aston Martin vice president and chief creative officer. “This first application of our design practices to a helicopter posed a number of interesting challenges but we have enjoyed working through them. Beauty is of vital importance to Aston Martin and to our customers and we think the ACH130 Aston Martin Edition is an inherently beautiful machine. It provided a wonderful canvas for our team to work on so we now look forward to seeing everybody’s reaction.”

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“The ACH130 Aston Martin Edition is optimally positioned in the market for hands-on owners who draw satisfaction from personally piloting their aircraft and it generates strong brand-loyalty. In the same way, Aston Martin’s products are cars for drivers who relish being at the wheel and they inspire a comparable attachment to the brand,” adds Frédéric Lemos, head of Airbus Corporate Helicopters. “They are the perfect partner for us in developing this superb new ACH130 Aston Martin Edition.”

Each of these special edition helicopters will have a plaque included on the instrument panel which shows the partnership logos, the edition number and the owner’s name, should they wish to have it included.

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