Time To Fly: Camden Watch Company Launches Vintage-Inspired Timepiece

Founded in 2014 by the Anglo-Swiss duo Anneke Short and Jerome Robert, The Camden Watch Company timepieces are inspired by British heritage and the rich industrial past and vibrant present of the local area.

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Its new No.29 Type II, in this first foray for the clock working couple, reflects Britain’s military past. Inspired in part by the rich aviation history of co-founder Anneke Short’s family, and in classic Camden Watch Company style, it is a vintage-inspired watch packed with modern styling.

The Type II is based on the firm’s bestselling No.29 model. At 43mm diameter, it is the largest case in the collection, but due to the tapered sides and different finishes, this watch is anything but bulky. It features a Swiss movement, sapphire crystal, 316L stainless steel and a fine Italian leather strap.

The timepiece also features large, luminous, and most importantly for a pilot watch, ‘easy to read at a glance’ Arabic numerals. The Swiss movement has a date feature and the upgraded steel makes the case hardwearing and durable.

“Growing up on RAF bases, aircraft have always been close to my heart,” explains Anneke Short, co-founder of The Camden Watch Company. “I love the sounds, smells and sights associated with all things aviation and it was a real pleasure to be able to work on a timepiece that drew from this.

“My grandfather was a navigator on Vulcans so as a child we were constantly surrounded by old maps and aircraft paraphernalia, which looking back has served as a constant source of inspiration for me.”

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The No.29 Type II starts at £190 and is available from the Camden Watch Company in a choice of colours. It also has three of its own retail stores, including one in Greenwich, Shoreditch and, of course, Camden.

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