Norlo Coffee Brings Pure Zing to Your Brew

The nordic-inspired UK based coffee producer Norlo hit the market in 2020, promising coffee lovers their brew of choice in a more health-conscious and ethical way.

Norlo founders and self-confessed coffee devotees, Steph and Dan Norman, experienced their own coffee-nirvana during a trip to Oslo and set out to recreate the smooth, natural flavour for others to experience. 

Norlo believes this intense and vibrant flavour is all down to the very light roasting of the beans, which preserves the raw antioxidants, nutrients and minerals. The result – a flavoursome, healthier coffee. We gave it a try, to see if Norlo hit the caffeine spot or simply blends in with the crowd. 

Norlo Coffee in Aeropress

Norlo is available as whole-bean, ground coffee, or as Nespresso machine pods, with three different levels of caffeine, with our test pack being the lightly caffeinated ground coffee at £9 for 200g. Upon opening the cylinder for the first time, you are met with that wonderfully pleasant, familiar mellow coffee aroma.

We opted to brew this versatile coffee using an AeroPress coffee maker, as the grounds seemed a little dry. Using an inverted brewing method like this allows the coffee to steep for a good amount of time before transferring into a cup.

We kept it simple and used 18 grams of grounds to 220ml of water. The result was impressive.

The notes of stone fruits and the floral hint of jasmine come through, and a mellow chocolate flavour lingers delightfully in the mouth. The light roasting method clearly is something to shout about, with so many delicate flavours well preserved.

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Norlo Coffee pack

As well as striving to offer excellent quality and ultimate taste, Norlo works to a high standard when it comes to sustainability. The beans used are ethically sourced from some of the world’s leading organic coffee farms. Norlo has partnered with the non-profit organisation One Tree Planted, so for every coffee tube sold, a tree is planted. All Norlo packaging is 100% compostable and plastic-free, resulting in no additional landfill waste. 

True coffee aficionados may well shun a pre-ground coffee, but Norlo has produced an excellent offering that any coffee lover, not just a coffee drinker, will enjoy.