Golfzon Simulator Technology Helps You Play the Perfect Game

Golfers visiting the Leadbetter Golf Academy at Stoke Park, Buckinghamshire, can now take advantage of three state-of-the-art Golfzon simulator systems.

Each simulator is equipped with high-speed cameras and proprietary sensors that accurately trace club movement and impact of all shots. In a split second, calculations are made, including mishits and individual flaws, to provide the golfer with immediate and professional feedback on their stroke.

Adding to the sense of realism, the same fast processing allows the display to show the launch and path of the ball.

Going even further towards realistic simulation is Golfzon’s moving swing plate. More than a high0tech tee mat, it automatically adjusts to uphill, downhill, and side-hill lies, by simulating course slopes from the tee box to the putting green, with the user or coach able to determine the slope setting at the start of the session.

The Golfzon simulator allows for play whatever the weather.

Launching the system was David Leadbetter himself, assisted by former Chelsea footballer Gianfranco Zola – a five-handicapper and keen golfer, who also received a few tips from the legendary coach with the data instantly on hand to analyse.

“We hope the new Golfzon-Leadbetter Indoor Academy will prove to be a great facility for members and guests at Stoke Park to practice and play indoors,” commented Leadbetter. “There can be no more excuses about the weather! Year-round golfers will now be able to work on their game and track their progress, making the time they do practice more effective.”

“It’s an impressive bit of equipment that will undoubtedly help golfers of every handicap,” explained Adam Morley, Calibre’s own PGA golfer. “The ability to play real holes from real golf courses means you can make changes to your game at leisure and be confident that it’ll translate to real improvements on the fairway.”

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There are more than 200 courses to choose from, including St Andrews, Pebble Beach and, of course, Stoke Park. Each offers impressive degrees of realism, even allowing you to recreate real-life weather conditions and slopes from the comfort of an indoor studio.

Leadbetter mentioned South Korea as a growth area, where the Golfzon simulator could provide an easy entry to the world of golf, attracting newcomers able to play a round of golf in comfort rather than gambling with the weather.

“This is the start of a new era for Leadbetter Golf Academies,” adds Leadbetter Golf Academy’s chief executive, Ben Riches. “With the backing of Golfzon, we are now able to offer our premium coaching through advanced GDR simulator technology. The goal is to make it easier and more convenient for golfers to learn and improve. Stoke Park is an important location for us to showcase our combined coaching and technology offering as we look to open further locations around the world.”

While new locations will undoubtedly come, Stoke Park remains a focus for Leadbetter, especially as it’s the Academy’s European Headquarters.

“We are delighted to have the Golfzon simulators at Stoke Park which is a huge upgrade to the facility and offering for our members and guests,” says Stoke Parks’ director of golf, Stuart Collier. “For us, one of the most unique features is the ability to be able to play and practice on our own course, perfect for working with an instructor on your course management, which takes playing lessons to the next level.

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“For our hotel residents and visitors, it’s a great opportunity to practice on the simulators before you play the golf course for real.”

David Leadbetter is regarded by many as the world’s premier golf instructor, with 26 major champions and seven world number ones among his clientele. The global network of the 40 Leadbetter Golf Academies spans 15 countries and includes more than 100 highly-trained certified instructors and there is increasing use of modern technology in the holistic approach to coaching and tuition.

The data the captured using the new Golfzon simulators will ensure coaches can deliver more focused practice for their students, while Leadbetter believes there can no longer be any excuses to skip the practice to avoid the wind and rain. Rain or dry, indoors or out, you’ll always be able to play a full round of a top-quality course.

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