Fliteboard: The Easy Wave Rider

If you’ve ever sat on the beach watching the surfers and paddle boarders, wishing you could effortlessly join in without expiring from exhaustion, then Fliteboard could be the answer.

Founded in 2017, Fliteboard produces electric-powered hydrofoil vehicles that give the sensation of flying over water without wind or waves, while being quiet and emission-free. Founder David Trewern grew the business in Byron Bay, Australia, and now has offices in the USA and Europe. Attracting customers around the world, the business now has over 60 Fliteschools globally.

Fliteboard has achieved global acclaim, most recently being awarded the Red Dot International ‘Best of the Best’ Design prize, as well as 2020’s Australia by Design ‘Innovation of the Year’ award.

Hovering approximately 70cm above the water, controlled by a hand-held Bluetooth remote, it runs on a compact yet powerful electric motor powered by marine-grade smart batteries. You can expect ride times to exceed 90 minutes.

Fliteboard has recently unveiled the latest evolution of its e-foil, the Series 2. This iteration allows beginners to take flight in the water ore quickly and easily, whilst seasoned foilers can enjoy an extreme new board. A range of performance wings allows them to keep pushing the boundaries.

Fliteboard in action

Trewern, is a former kite-surfing world record holder who created the brand from his love for water sports. Fliteboard was conceived in his family home in Belongil Beach, where the first prototypes were made with a 3D printer.

The first trials of his vision had David hooked: “Within the first few seconds, I knew this product was something extraordinary,” he said. “Fliteboarding feels like flying, providing a whisper-quiet, emission-free ride at speeds of up to 34 miles per hour without leaving a trace of pollution in sight. The freedom was like nothing else.”

V Is For Victory

The new range includes a variety of options, from Air which is ideal for beginners, through to the new Ultra for expert riders. The Ultra includes optional foot straps and a True Glide propeller that lets you ride waves without power.

Series 2 boasts a wider range of performance wings, to suit your style or ability, which are interchangeable across the range. As Trewern points out, there is a board and a wing for everyone, regardless of foiling ability.

What: Fliteboard Series 2
Where: Fliteboard.com
How much: From £10,500 inc delivery and estimated taxes