Escape Your Home Without Ever Leaving the House

We’re reminded to stay indoors every five minutes, but that makes your home feel like the worst escape room game ever, with no clues to crack, no puzzles to solve, no exit and no winners. Whilst you might feel like you’re in a story, the reality is far less exciting.

That might not change for some time, but now Deadlocked is bringing the escape room concept to your own home. With its sites in Reading, Loughborough and Northampton closed thanks to the coronavirus, James Hamer-Morton and Charlie Bond have put together The Insiders, an experience that leaves you safely socially distanced but as involved as you possibly could be.

The Wexell Corporation, the fictional home of the adventure, has a problem; there’s a mole in the company, working against you with some very sensitive information, and you need to find out who’s been sneaking around where they shouldn’t. The game starts with a cryptic email and plays out across three parts separated by a few days.

There are puzzles to be solved, internet rabbit holes to explore, and an online interface to work your way through, all leading you to one inevitable conclusion. Of course, should you get stuck, there’s help at hand but there’s no fun in taking the easy option. And, as nobody is going anywhere, why not take your time?

Best played with a small team, but playable on your own, The Insiders needs internet access and, ideally, a printer. A thinking cap or two wouldn’t go amiss, and neither would a bottle of wine.

A full day of entertainment is promised, spread across a number of days, which should keep those with even the shortest of attention spans occupied. To keep a group happy for that long costs just £9.99, but Deadlocked has been incredibly generous and will allow you to redeem that cost against a real-world escape room experience once everything is open again. Those buying gift vouchers for future bookings will also get The Insiders delivered free of charge.

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As with most of the entertainment industry right now, companies are struggling to cope with the sudden closure of businesses, but Deadlocked has come up with a new genre of game that could keep us all happy throughout any extended shutdown.

The Insiders can be purchased directly from Deadlocked Escape Rooms. It costs £9.99, which is refundable against a future physical escape room experience.

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