In the world of luxury cruising, hotel barging is a niche concept, but one where passengers can glide through secluded landscapes in style Although the term ‘barging’ may conjure up images of narrowboats or coal lighters, hotel barging is a world away from these scenes from our industrial past. Indeed,Read More →

A cruise around Iceland is the best way to understand its physical beauty and rich, mythological history It is said Icelanders do not talk, that they tell each other stories, continuing a grand tradition dating back to the extraordinary sagas of the 13th century and beyond. Recounted at fireside gatheringsRead More →

In the clear waters of the Azores you can experience some truly awe-inspiring whale watching. With the sun on our backs being pleasantly cooled by a light sea breeze, we found ourselves bobbing in a small rib, metres away from the largest animal ever know to have existed on thisRead More →