After a decade of extraordinary growth, Michael Atkinson explores the recent downturn in classic car values. The Coutts Passion Index tracks the changing values of ‘passion’ assets – assets that reflect the diverse interests of high net worth individuals, such as fine wine, art, watches and jewellery, luxury property andContinue Reading

The adventurer Alastair Humphreys shares his secrets on how to cycle 40,000 miles – and his priorities for success will forever change the way you approach your own adventures… I wanted to see the world. I wanted to do something difficult and exciting. I wanted to escape the meaningless dailyContinue Reading

Jaguar builds some very good sports cars and saloons – and the XF Sportbrake,which is Jaguar-speak for an estate, is even lovelier to behold than the saloon upon which it is based. But offering an estate is no longer enough because everyone thinks they really need an SUV, which meansContinue Reading

The standard X-Class is a great pickup; it might be based on the Nissan Navara but the changes Mercedes wrought are so great as to make it almost a completely different vehicle – and I’m not just talking about the interior. Lesser models might be powered by Nissan engines andContinue Reading

I fell in love with the original Suzuki Swift Sport. Its 1.6-litre engine might not have been the last word in refinement, but the chassis was joyously chuckable and the whole was so much more than the sum of its parts that you could forgive its slightly cheap interior andContinue Reading

We’d already dropped the tyre pressures of our highly modified Toyota pickups from 30psi to just 3psi, flattening their sidewalls until their footprints were more than twice their normal width and three times their normal length. And yet, despite the fact that the vehicles we were driving had been modifiedContinue Reading

Abisko means lightweight and fast-drying in Fjallraven-speak, so the Abisko range of clothing and equipment is designed for fast cabin-to-cabin hikes and day adventures. The emphasis is on minimal weight and pack size, and so some sacrifices have had to be made in terms of durability and weather resistance toContinue Reading

If you’ve got enemies, then the new Range Rover Sentinel might be your new best friend. Built by Land Rover Special Vehicle Operations (SVO) and powered by a 380PS 5.0-litre Supercharged V8 petrol engine, the armoured Range Rover will keep you safe from improvised explosive device (IED) fragmentation blasts asContinue Reading

I first met Andrew Green after he’d entered a competition to shoot the unveiling of a new McLaren Formula One car at the McLaren Technology Centre. I was working with McLaren at the time and while the competition drew hundreds of entries, I was instantly drawn to Andrew’s use ofContinue Reading