Breakfast Gin

Cambridge Distillery has launched a limited-edition artisan gin designed to be drunk at breakfast. Called, logically enough, Breakfast Gin it was curated by company founder & master distiller William Lowe.

Just 100 bottles were made and the entire production run has already sold out. We managed to get our hands on some before it all went and can report that it is the finest way to start the day since the Scots started lacing their toothpaste with whisky.[1]

Featuring marmalade and the merest hint of Lady Grey tea, it has a delicate, understated flavour that is perfectly in keeping with its tongue-in-cheek name. We preferred it neat, all the better to appreciate the multi-layered subtlety that only possible when you have a couple of decades distilling experience under your belt.

That the entire run has already been sold needn’t be cause for sorrow; Breakfast Gin is part of the Prototype Series, and there will be a new flavour each month. Only available from the distillery’s website, or in person from the Cambridge Gin Laboratory or Cambridge Distillery Showroom, we’ll be keeping our eyes open for the next in the series.

Why not try its standard Cambridge Dry Gin while you’re waiting? A more mainstream drink, it is made from botanicals picked fresh from Cambridge Distillery’s own garden including juniper, angelica, rosemary, blackcurrant leaf, basil, lemon verbena, and rose petals. It has a light, summery fresh taste, making it perfect for a straightforward, mint-garnished G&T or as the base for something more exotic.

It is also beautifully presented. The bottle itself is square-cut and satisfyingly heavy, and the decanter-style stopper drops back into place with impressive precision. Cambridge Dry Gin costs £39.99 for a 700ml bottle and is available online or you can pick up a bottle in person should you find yourself passing the distillery.

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[1] Although possibly not as good a start to the day as the Finnish breakfast the author indulged in once. Comprising a double espresso, a shot of vodka and a cigarette it certainly helped shift a persistent hangover.

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