Bamboo Boom: Bamigo Enters Premium Clothes Market With Cool Offering

Netherlands based clothing company, Bamigo, believes that the humble bamboo provides a truly environmentally friendly, sustainable option compared to traditional clothes choices while offering super-soft, unrivalled comfort.

Launched in the UK in August 2020, Bamigo boasts a collection of underwear, t-shirts, socks and pyjamas. The collection has been created using bamboo fibres which undergo a shredding and pulping process, before being transformed into fine threads which are then spun to produce the hardwearing, silky-soft bamboo yarn which is used to create each piece.

Bamigo bamboo clothes t-shirt

The bamboo fabric used offers excellent ventilation thanks to the microscopic holes in bamboo fibres, helping to keep the wearer looking and feeling cool. The bamboo fibres absorb up to 70% more moisture than cotton without retaining unpleasant odours, allowing the skin to breathe and ensuring freshness throughout the day, no matter the situation. The thermal regulating effect of bamboo fibres provides added protection against the chill of a cold day while preventing overheating on warmer ones.

Bamigo bamboo clothes

We put the claims to the test, with a pair of Bamigo t-shirts, and found the claims to be accurate. The moment you pull the t-shirt on, there’s an immediate cooling sensation from the impressively soft fabric. It’s difficult to confirm that it left the wearer any cooler through normal use, but it certainly never felt hot to wear. After washing, it came out every bit as soft, and that pleasing immediate cooling hit was still present.

Bamigo says is committed to a sustainable and more durable alternative to cotton clothing. The entire range, crafted by hand, is kinder to the environment than cotton as it needs only sunlight and rainwater to grow. The use of bamboo for its clothes also has a positive impact on other global environmental concerns such as deforestation and the greenhouse effect.

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“Through our innovation, we work to give bamboo underwear another dimension,” said Bart Hoorntje, CEO at Bamigo. “We have been told time and time again that our underwear and range of socks and t-shirts feel like a second skin, and we are excited that British consumers can now experience the comfort and style of our bamboo clothing.

“With our products now available in more than a dozen countries worldwide, we feel this is the right time to extend our offering in the UK,” continued Bart Hoorntje. “We believe British shoppers attach as much value to sustainability as we do; they engage with environmental issues, but they also appreciate high quality, so it’s a good fit all round.”

Bamigo’s collection of bamboo underwear, t-shirts, socks and pyjamas are all now available exclusively online.