Visit the Best Beaches in Florida Right Now, Without Leaving Your Home

As the country sits indoors, holidays cancelled and sunny destinations just a distant dream, it’s possible to brighten up the day by taking a virtual tour of some of the finest beaches in Florida.

We’ve got to stop short of saying it’s almost like you’re there, but Florida’s 825 miles of spectacular beaches have been captured, one footstep at a time, in glorious 360-degree vision.

Panama Cit Beach in Florida is one of many spectacular beaches.

Using Google’s Street View Trekker technology, the process took four months, with the results integrated into Google Maps.

However, Visit Florida has added a useful Beach Finder feature that enables you to ‘tune’ your preferences and finds the perfect beaches to explore virtually. From adventurous or laid back beaches to family-friendly or romantic locations, and with choices including action-packed, secluded, manicured or au naturel, there’s a beach for everyone.

Henderson Beach in Florida is one of many spectacular beaches.

The Florida Beach Finder immediately delivers visual choices that best match your desires, with every tweak of the tuner changing the results before your eyes.

Find your favourite beach RIGHT HERE, then click the Street View button, and you’ll find yourself transported straight to the waterfront, ready to explore the sunny delights Florida has to offer.

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