Party-Piece Cocktails

Nothing kicks off a party like a cocktail, so loosen your collar, get your shaker out and channel your inner Tom Cruise.

Smirnoff Sky Ball

Ingredients: (1.8 units/serving)
25ml Smirnoff vodka
25ml Raspberry liqueur
10ml Lemon juice
Splash of Ginger ale
2 Blackberries
2 Raspberries

Method: Build in a tall glass and top with ginger ale.

Blueberry & Lime Gimlet Tanqueray

Ingredients: (1.4 units/serving)
25ml Tanqueray Gin
5ml Honey
3 Limes
1 Lemon
3 Mint leaves
Splash of Soda water
4 Blueberries

Method: Cut half a lime and half a lemon into thin slices and save for garnish. Quarter the remainder and muddle in glasses with mint. Add honey and gin, pour over ice and add halved blueberries. Top with splash soda water and garnish with lime and lemon slices.

Baileys Chocolat Luxe Gold

Ingredients: (0.5 units/serving)
30ml Baileys Luxe
70ml Hazelnut milk
Gold edible colouring and gold leaf
Raspberry dipped in gold food colouring

Method: Shake in cocktail shaker and strain into glass. Garnish with whole raspberry.

Gordon’s Pink Spritz

Ingredients: (2.1 units/serving)
50ml Gordon’s Pink Gin
50ml Lemonade
25ml Prosecco
Sprinkle of cranberries and pomegranate

Method: Fill a Prosecco glass with ice. Add the rest of the ingredients and garnish with the fruit.


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