Lollipop Brings Cocktails Home

We might soon be able to go to a pub garden and enjoy a drink but social distancing will still leave the experience lacking. The drinks-to-home business is booming, as you would expect, and Lollipop is joining the fray with its bar-grade cocktails by post.

Lollipop has created some of the most famous and immersive bars and restaurants, such as The Bunyadi (the world’s first naked restaurant), The Bletchley (a personalised WW2 cocktail bar), and ABQ London and Paris (molecular “cook your own” drinks bars.)

Now Lollipop is bringing bar-quality cocktails, along with garnishes, to your home so you can enjoy a delicious cold beverage in isolation, with flatmates or family.

Cocktails include favourites such as an Aperol Spritz, Sunny Sangria, Paloma or Espresso Martini, and are all hand-made. Bottled in Chelsea, the cocktails are then paired up with some suitably complementary garnish, and delivered across the UK.

We haven’t tasted them yet, but Lollipop promises each cocktail will reach you with the same freshness and fizz they have when served at a bar. It’s particularly proud of its Our Espresso Martini, developed with a special foaming formula that froths the drink when you shake it.

Espresso Martini is one of the cocktail options from Lollipop.

Individual bottles are available direct from Lollipop from £6.90, while a box of six starts from £25. Larger boxes are available, as are subscription packages to get you through however long lockdown lasts.

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