Jukes Cordialities Founder, Matthew Jukes, Hosting Virtual Tasting

Webcam based gym sessions, streamed theatre shows, even online art exhibitions. Life in lockdown has been strange, and now there’s a virtual tasting of alcohol-free spirits, Jukes Cordialities.

Alcohol Change UK recently announced that one in three people were taking steps to manage or stop drinking during lockdown, while 6% of the public have stopped drinking entirely.

With more of the population taking this time to cut back on drinking, wine writer and critic, Matthew Jukes, will be hosting a virtual tasting of his non-alcoholic drinks, Jukes Cordialities, on Sunday 10 May, hosted by private members club, 67 Pall Mall.

Matthew will discuss the story and inspiration behind Jukes Cordialities, and why, as a wine critic, he felt the need to create an adult non-alcoholic drink that mirrors the generosity and build of a fine wine.

Jukes Cordialities comes in two flavours, 1 and 6, as well as a limited summer version called 8.

The two original flavours, Jukes 1 and Jukes 6, are both designed to be mixed with still, sparkling or tonic water at the lunch or dinner table, giving the consumer a choice to suit their personal palate.

We tried both varieties recently; Jukes 1 is citrusy and fresh, whilst Jukes 6 is spicier and has deeper tones. Matthew will also have a new, limited-edition summer drink to share with the guests, Jukes 8.

While it’s too late to have some drinks delivered in time for the tasting, there will still be a benefit from joining, understanding the drink, the concept and how it can fit into your lifestyle.

Join in via Zoom by using this link at 4pm on Sunday 10 May. It’s free to join the online tasting, and you can order your own Jukes Cordialities boxes from jukescordialities.com.

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