Is There Really a Mouthwatering Milk-Free Milkshake?

We’re often rather set in the things we like, not inclined towards youthful flexibility with our taste buds, but circumstances mean I’m trying a plant-based, milk-free milkshake from Grounded.

A vegan-based diet isn’t something I’d ever considered or, frankly, wanted to pursue, but having fairly recently become lactose intolerant I do find myself looking for alternatives to bridge the gap to things I can no longer have.

As I was never really a dairy foods fan, I thought there were few things I’d miss, but as it turns out, I was wrong. Going milk-free means there’s no decent pizza, a surprising number of cakes are off the menu, and there’s no chance of enjoying a milkshake, much to my despair.

This is where London-based Grounded step in, a company born out of a desire to create food and drinks without all the additives, focusing on using real ingredients straight from the ground. “At Grounded we’re all about cutting the crap,” says founder, Gabriel Bean. “It’s mind-boggling how many products sacrifice real, quality ingredients, for ‘too-good-to-be-true’ nutritional info.”

Grounded milk-free milkshake

Grounded’s ‘milk’ shakes are made using coconut cream, rather than animal milk, as well as organic sunflower protein and fair trade cocoa. The drinks don’t contain any ingredients derived from a non-plant based source. Each shake is gluten-free, soya-free, nut-free, GMO-free, and delivers 20g of pure plant protein, and each carton contains less sugar than milk – although by only 0.1g per 100ml. The brand also asserts that the shakes contain 40% less sugar than most chocolate milk drinks.

It looks like it’s good for you, then, but it’s also good for the planet; the packaging is from an equally environmentally friendly, natural source – 100% recyclable and made from sustainably sourced paperboard. This means each carton creates 41% less carbon dioxide than plastic bottles, and 75% less than glass bottles.

72 hours in: Bordeaux

“We know this is the most natural plant-based protein drink out there,” says co-founder, Bryn Ferris. “We challenge you to find a better tasting one too.”

I tried each of the two flavour shakes for CALIBRE and they’re rather good. There’s a pleasingly thick and creamy texture that’s smooth in the mouth and leaves you satisfied. There’s no way of knowing there isn’t any real milk involved, so you’re not left feeling as if you’re missing something. The chocolate was my favourite, with a solid but not overpowering flavour.

If you like something tasting a little fresher, the addition of peppermint oil in the mint choc option will hit the spot – it’s like drinking mint choc chip ice cream.

Ferris’ claim is a bold one but, although I’ve not tried all of Grounded’s rivals, he might just be right.

What: GROUNDED M*lkshake
Where: Grounded
How much: £19 for a six-pack