In the Pink: AIX Release 2020 Vintage Rosé Wine

Maison Saint Aix has been producing rosé wine under the watchful eye of Eric Kurver since 2009, with mouth-watering results. This newly released 2020 vintage is no exception. 

Located within the rich soils of Provence, with 300 days of warming sunshine to heat the vines and the cooling Mistral winds to dry them on damp mornings, the region provides ideal growing conditions to produce plentiful, rich fruit. 

Kurver combines the high quality ‘jus’ from the aged vines on the estate with that of younger vines which bring a sharp freshness to the wine. He’s also chosen to use state-of-the-art technology such as temperature-controlled stainless steel tanks and pneumatic presses in the production process, rather than the more time-honoured methods of wine production. 

While his production methods may go against the grain of some of the more traditionally-minded winemakers, the results speak for themselves. 

AIX Release 2020 Vintage Rosé Wine
AIX Rosé 2020 Wine: Tasting Notes

The 2020 AIX offering is an intense, yet delicate affair, with an immediate hit of fruit on the nose. Peach and berries are evident, and there’s a hint of floral bouquet behind. Given the blend of grapes in the AIX 2020 vintage wine – grenache, syrah and cinsault – the high concentration of fruit is not unexpected and is pleasing on the nose. It also gives a roundness on the palate, leading to a fresh, long finish. 

The higher proportion of grenache grapes also allows for a full-bodied flavour throughout, as well as rich and pleasing colour. Provence rosé is well known for its light, crisp notes and this holds true for this vintage. AIX 2020 would make a great accompaniment to seafood or salads and, at a pleasant 13% ABV, simply as an aperitif on a warm summer evening.

What: AIX Rosé 2020 Vintage
Where: Thorne Wines, Wadebridge Wines, Bon Coeur and others.
How much: £17

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