Five Things: Unique Christmas Gifts That Won’t Hurt Your Wallet (Too Much)

As the year rapidly evaporates and we hurtle towards that jolliest of seasons, it’s time to start thinking about what gifts you might like to unwrap on Christmas morning.

We’ve put together a few ideas of things you might like to add to your wishlist, or perhaps give some inspiration for those hard to buy for loved ones.

Jimmy Page Anthology

Any true Led Zeppelin fan should have this on their Christmas list. Quite likely the most extensive Jimmy Page book ever produced, the anthology chronicles his entire career from a young session player to global stardom.

Jimmy Page Anthology christmas gifts

Having evolved from a simple archive collection, Genesis Publications’ Jimmy Page Anthology has become a highly detailed guide through the life and works of Jimmy Page, OBE. There really is nothing else quite like this.

It’s so good that we’ve arranged to give a copy away in a prize draw, with delivery promised before Christmas. For your chance to win a brand new sealed copy of the Jimmy Page Anthology, click here.

What: Jimmy Page Anthology
Where: Genesis Publications
How much: £45

Polaroid Now Camera

Add a little blast from the past to your Christmas gifts this year by introducing your children and grandchildren to a different photography experience – the Polaroid camera.

Polaroid Now Camera christmas gifts

The latest release from Polaroid, in time for the festive season, is the Now, available in either festive red or snow white. The Polaroid Now boasts a new dynamic two-lens system to seamlessly transition between portraits and landscape imagery as well as a built-in self-timer and double exposure.

To complete the Polaroid experience, try the special edition Golden Moments i-Type film, which offers a smooth gold finish for a classic retro look. Alternatively, the Metallic Nights i-Type film creates lustrous metallic hues and shades – the perfect film for festive parties or dinners.

What: Polaroid Now Camera
How much: £120

Nostara MANdle

Everyone loves a candle but, for the most part, the scents are rather feminine, sweet and flowery, placing them firmly in the more “girly fluff” section of the male brain. Somerset-based company Nostara is looking to redress that balance with its Leather & Vetiver fragrance.

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Nostara MANdle christmas gifts

The MANdle, as Nostra calls it, offers a confident, masculine redolence – a darker addition to the brand’s collection. This scent will bring deep, musky undertones and powerful presence to any space. The fragrance opens with strong notes of leather and incense, giving way to earthy, woody tones, with a backdrop of smoky vetiver and oud.

A relaxing, musky fragrance to perfectly complement the darker winter evenings.

What: MANdle
Where: Nostara
How much: £39

Paxton & Whitfield Cheese Hamper

London-based Paxton & Whitfield have been supplying cheese to fromage fans since 1797. In 1850 Paxton & Whitfield was appointed cheesemonger to Queen Victoria – the first of many Royal Warrants.

Paxton & Whitfield Cheese Hamper

A range of cheese hampers are available at the online shop, which make great additions to your Christmas larder, or even gifts for foodie friends and relatives. The most popular choice over the past decade is The Piccadilly, which retails at £100.00 and contains a traditional selection of house range cheeses, accompanied by a sumptuous collection of preserves, biscuits and sweet treats.

The wooden hamper box contains crackers, apricot cracker bakes, cheddar cheese squares, apple & chilli jelly, smoked Ceodre, Dorset goat cheese, Stilton jar, cheddar pounder, Celtic soft cheese, caramelised onion chutney, and a sloe, fig and almond slice.

What: Piccadilly Cheese Hamper
Where: Paxton & Whitfield
How much: £100

Outlierman Bad One Driving Gloves

The Outlierman, based in Italy, strives to combine a passion for everything automotive with timeless elegance. The latest edition to the Bad One range, available in time to fill your Christmas stocking, are luxury handcrafted perforated suede driving gloves.

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Outlierman Bad One Driving Gloves christmas gifts

With black Nappa lambskin leather and a red suede back, the all-new perforated driving gloves combine the racing passion of red and the power of black to create the ultimate marriage of performance and design.

The combination of refined materials and Italian handcrafting creates a pair of driving gloves full of personality and passion, with a dash of nostalgia for the glorious sports cars of the past, while providing the optimum blend of luxurious comfort and breathability.

What: The Outlierman Bad One Driving Gloves
Where: The Outlierman
How much: £255