Eight Lands in Speyside: Where’s The Whisky?

Speyside, an area of Scotland nestled between the rugged landscape of the Highlands and the fertile lands of Aberdeenshire, has been synonymous with whisky for centuries. Glenrinnes Distillery, one of the newest spirits producers in the region, is forging a new path with its organic Eight Lands Speyside gin and vodka. 

Eight Lands Organic Speyside Gin and Vodka were launched in summer 2019, with both spirits distilled and bottled at the Glenrinnes Distillery using Scottish spring water and 100% organic ingredients.

Alex Christou – who co-founded the brand alongside his stepfather Alasdair Locke – hasn’t shunned the region’s spirit producing prowess, encouraging the production team to look to the rich distilling heritage of their whisky-producing neighbours. 

Eight Lands spirits are made using botanicals that grow naturally on the estate, with zero pesticides, with other ingredients sustainably sourced, ensuring high levels of traceability all the way from source to glass. Both the gin and vodka are created using the fresh spring water that flows past the distillery, down from the lower slopes of Ben Rinnes mountain. 

Eight Lands Vodka and Gin
Eight Lands Organic Speyside Gin

Made with Speyside spring water and only organic ingredients, Eight Lands Organic Speyside Gin is distilled in a beautiful alembic head pot still. Eleven botanicals give this London Dry gin its unique flavour, including sorrel and cowberries, which grow wild on the Glenrinnes Estate.

Made using both pot and column stills, this gin is pure and crisp with a delicacy to it that comes from the careful production process.

  • On the nose: Big juniper, backed up by fresh pine and citrus.
  • On the palate: Sweet juniper balanced with tart red berries and citrus.
  • On the finish: Hints of black tea and warm spice.
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Eight Lands Organic Speyside Vodka

Eight Lands Organic Speyside Vodka is a smooth and well-rounded vodka. Production involves organic barley and wheat, a two-stage fermentation process, and a combination of the distillery’s 1,000 litre pot still, “Rebecca”, and two 10-plate columns.

The method is unusual and time-consuming – Glenrinnes does exactly what it takes to create a vodka with genuine character which pays homage to the world-class whiskies that Speyside is known for in its choice of grains.

  • On the nose: Well-rounded marzipan, vanilla pods and coconut.
  • On the palate: You can taste the quality grain, leading into butterscotch and coconut.
  • On the finish: Long and smooth with a hint of spice on the palate.

Both of these spirits can be enjoyed simply poured over ice for the cleanest of drinks. However, Eight Lands spirits are versatile enough to be used for a simple pour or classic cocktail.

What: Eight Lands Organic Speyside Vodka and Eight Lands Organic Speyside Gin
Where: Eight-Lands.com and Harvey Nichols, Berry Bros. and Rudd, and Amazon Prime
How much: £37 and £39