T.Ü Elite: A DNA Journey

“People are moving away from the traditional perception of luxury travel,” says Rebecca Fielding, co-founder of T.Ü Elite, which offers bespoke, exquisite travel experiences to an exclusive clientele, who value cultural authenticity and luxury when they travel.

“Mega-hotels are becoming less popular with our guests – travellers are looking for intimate, thoughtful hotels that really celebrate the destination, in everything from their food and wine, to the attention to detail in the art and architecture.”

T.Ü Elite, as the luxury travel concierge, designs the most personal journeys in the world, driven by the lifestyle and travel preferences of its clients. Believing that elegance is an attitude, T.Ü Elite has established its special niche in how it designs each journey. Its stunning itineraries show the lengths the travel designers go to seek out the kind of places that are only ever shared in whispers between friends.

The company has curated a hand-picked collection of hotels, villas, private residences and apartments around the world, with each property and experience chosen for its style, service and authenticity. It can also organise corporate travel and events, using a journey to showcase brands, grow teams and inspire success. The pinnacle of its luxury travel membership service is By Invitation, designing journeys which require the highest level of luxury and discretion. “Your personal travel concierge is on hand 24/7 – even if you just want a 3am chat to discuss what to pack before you travel!” laughs Rebecca.

Recognising that customers are increasingly looking for different ways to travel, Rebecca has now created T.Ü Elite’s flagship product, DNA Unwrapped, which is described as the most personal journey it is possible to take.

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“We wanted to create the most unique and personal journey in travel,” Rebecca says. “DNA Unwrapped is about more than being a tourist. Our clients tell us that one of the reasons they travel is to experience other cultures in a meaningful way, and our product is the most personal and exciting way to do that.”

A T.Ü Elite DNA journey starts with the gift of a DNA kit to test your geographic origins – a simple cheek swab. With the results taking just six to eight weeks to arrive, the test determines the history of your heritage, and creates a map of the world specific to your DNA.

“I’d always thought I was half Italian and half Russian,” says Rebecca. “It turns out I am Russian and Italian, but also 8% French, 2% British and 1% Persian.”

Once your geographic heritage has been established (T.Ü Elite outsources this to credible labs world-wide, in Denmark and the States, for example), the company uses the information to create exclusive and personal journeys, allowing travellers to visit the places they are from. This can either be one long multi-stop odyssey, or broken down into shorter adventures, with every journey tailor made, to make sure the experience suits each person’s unique travel style.

Discover the limitless possibilities that travel can hold with T.Ü Elite

“Discovering our roots is part of our personal journey as human beings,” says Rebecca, who was inspired to set up T.Ü Elite following eight years working as a human rights advocate. Rebecca quotes Mark Twain in a shared belief that ‘travel is the biggest threat to prejudice.’

T.Ü Elite creates a new and exciting way to see the world, and a means to relate to different people and diverse cultures,” she continues. “In these fragile times, it is more important than ever to understand that through our varied backgrounds we can find common ground and unity with the global community.”

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Stand out success stories for Rebecca include sending a traveller who discovered he had Italian heritage, and told his personal travel advisor of his love of sport, to a tiny village in Tuscany, to watch an annual horse race that has been going since the 1600s – the same race would have been watched by his ancestors hundreds of years ago. Another involved arranging for a client to visit a remote area of Ukraine. The village he was from no longer existed, but reconnecting with locals from the area was an experience that money can’t buy.

T.Ü Elite is the choice for a wide range of travellers; especially for those who have flexible time to see the world at their leisure. “Discovering new places, and returning to places we love inspires the limitless possibilities that travel can hold,” concludes Rebecca.

To start your personal journey with T.Ü Elite, visit www.tuelite.com