With Valentine’s Day approaching you will need to get that special someone a bottle of wine worthy of their love. James Lawrence picks out some of his favourites In light of that upcoming sham of a commercial holiday known as Valentine’s Day – sorry, I am single and bitter –Continue Reading

Rolex Submariner wristwatch

The personal timepiece has been an important and essential aspect of military life ever since its invention Success or failure in war has often been a matter of timing; to quote Miyamoto Musashi, (1584-1645), ‘You win battles by knowing the enemy’s timing, and using a timing which the enemy doesContinue Reading

A Mediterranean holiday in November might seem a little out of the ordinary. It certainly is when it involves a full-bore rifle Like many Brits, I have visited Spain countless times. Savvy short-haulers often hop across the Channel for winter sunshine and sangria, but if, like me, you find beachContinue Reading

Chris Zaremba was obese and heading towards an early grave. But now, at 58,  he is in the shape of his life and using his experience to help others.