A cruise around Iceland is the best way to understand its physical beauty and rich, mythological history It is said Icelanders do not talk, that they tell each other stories, continuing a grand tradition dating back to the extraordinary sagas of the 13th century and beyond. Recounted at fireside gatheringsContinue Reading

Embracing tradition and the joys of the season are just two reasons why winter concerts and events endure Winter is a season steeped in tradition. The cold weather gathers families indoors where they share food, festive movies and get competitive over friendly boardgames. Each family’s traditions can be unique andContinue Reading

Each year, when the winter season arrives, a bottle of whisky can be the perfect gift for that difficult friend or relation, or even the perfect gift to yourself. But, as someone who receives plenty of whisky, I always appreciate someone putting in that extra bit of effort to findContinue Reading

Here we talk to two veterans of World War II who currently reside under the care of Royal Star & Garter Homes The Royal Star & Garter Homes opened its doors to the first residents on 14th January 1916, under the auspices of the British Red Cross Society, to careContinue Reading

In the clear waters of the Azores you can experience some truly awe-inspiring whale watching. With the sun on our backs being pleasantly cooled by a light sea breeze, we found ourselves bobbing in a small rib, metres away from the largest animal ever know to have existed on thisContinue Reading

The UK has long been at the heart of technological innovation and its latest success, Raspberry Pi, is no exception From the steam engine to Alan Turing’s pioneering work at Bletchley Park and Brit, Sir Jony Ive, designing the iPhone, the UK has a rich history of tech innovation. Now,Continue Reading

A road trip across the famous Route 66 is a rite of passage for many a traveller and a holiday unlike any other Historic Route 66 was one of the original highways in the United States and begins in Chicago, Illinois. Its traditional starting point is on the shores of LakeContinue Reading

We take a look at three distilleries which have been brought back to life and now produce some of the UK’s best single malts I was fortunate enough to have a private viewing of the world’s largest collection of Scotch whisky, which is housed in Edinburgh’s Scotch Whisky Experience. Built-upContinue Reading

We spent an evening in the company of the nation’s finest countryside writers sharing their tales from the field CALIBRE recently attended the Orvis Book Night held at their flagship store in Regent Street where the best-and-brightest of the country world revealed their latest books and projects. We spent the evening in theContinue Reading