The German Tiger I was the most feared battle tank of the Second World War Its invincibility lay in its main 8.8cm gun and heavy defensive armour. At a hefty 57 tonnes, the Tiger was a massive machine and weighed more than twice its stablemate, the Panzer IV. When the Tiger firstContinue Reading

To say that the world of investments and savings looks uncertain at present is something of an understatement, says Ruth Emery Savers have been punished by interest rates of 0.5% for more than seven years and have been, at the time of press, subject to an even further cut to an ‘it mayContinue Reading

The equity release industry continues to grow as we head into tricky post-Brexit waters You may have seen greater press coverage dedicated to the growing trend for homeowners aged 55+ seeking financial freedom by releasing equity from their home. For many years discussing equity release has been a financial taboo,Continue Reading

If you are planning a Cotswolds escape this summer then make sure you stop off at The Churchill Arms There are some assignments that are – as Kevin Bacon would say – no-brainers. So, when I was asked to spend a night in the Cotswolds to review a hotel/restaurant ownedContinue Reading

We discover where to find London’s finest afternoon tea “Your country’s one indisputable contribution to Western Civilization: afternoon tea,” observes the character Drax, in that thoroughly reprehensible Bond film, Moonraker. But misgivings about acting, plot and special effects aside, Michael Lonsdale’s droll observation was arguably spot on: although the UK hasContinue Reading

We debunk the myth that Zurich is a poor man’s Berlin. Zurich is one of the travel industry’s greatest paradoxes: a vibrant, beautiful city break destination that many regard (without actually visiting) as incredibly boring. And so while Barcelona, Paris and Amsterdam are all bucket list destinations, Zurich is usuallyContinue Reading

Stiff joints from a life well lived? High blood pressure from working too hard? Find the remedy in tai chi, and get more than you bargained for Although brilliant for your health and fitness, both mentally and physically, Tai Chi is a formidable fighting style which you will love gettingContinue Reading

Pursuing Independent Paths is an incredible charity helping to support young adults with learning disabilities achieve their true potential Passion is a term that is overused, even cliché, in the world today. People are passionate about their political party, about their football team and some of us are even passionateContinue Reading

Barnsley House is a gem of a hotel in the picturesque Cotswolds Over the past fifteen years a new breed of luxury British hotel has emerged: providing world-class food, amenities and accommodation without the stiff formality and pretension that once plagued upmarket venues. Moreover, acutely aware that adults searching forContinue Reading