Stick a pin in any point in history and man will be bargaining over, betraying each other for, working for, dying for, one thing – land. As one American realty billboard read, ’Buy now! They’re not making any more dirt.’ From Mark Twain to Steinbeck’s Mice and Men, there’s noContinue Reading

Pubs in the UK have evolved quite a bit from their original incarnation as (largely) males only affairs, today they come in all variety of guises from local boozers, to snug country inns and trendy city bars. The whole concept of a local pub has been turned on its headContinue Reading

Now commanding international respect and record prices, the Scotch whisky industry has undergone a major transformation, says Craig MacLellan Scotch remains popular in the United States and Canada, as well as mainland Europe, but it is in emerging markets such as China, India, Brazil and Mexico where the whisky industryContinue Reading

The pace with which Indian cuisine has shaken off its ‘flock wallpaper’ image is one of the most dramatic changes to have occurred in food in recent times. The widespread air of confidence – not to mention growing number of Michelin stars – would certainly surprise any gastronome returning homeContinue Reading

As I perch at my keyboard, there’s a small scar on my left hand. It’s a familiar sight, as it’s been there every day since 1979, a physical reminder of the day my dad took me on my first proper fishing trip. His cousins had not long finished excavating aContinue Reading

Around six years ago, I returned home late, went into my home office and played music from The Old Crow Medicine Show as loud as my Mac could handle. The up-beat tones of Methamphetamine could not compete with the several pints of Everards Original served in the local, and IContinue Reading

On a crisp winter’s morning, piscatorial enthusiasts congregated on Orvis UK’s idyllic Kimbridge beat to partake in a spot of grayling fishing. ‘The Lady of the Stream’ Belonging to a cold-water fish family of six sub-species, the grayling – Thymallus thymallus – can be found across areas within the NorthernContinue Reading

That London is now the world’s leading culinary centre is yesterday’s news. Every year our capital celebrates a rash of new openings, with 2018 destined to be no exception to this established trend. Yet, what is less commonly reported is that in recent years London has become the cocktail centreContinue Reading

Better than Barcelona? James Lawrence enjoys a weekend break in Spain’s great unsung treasure – Madrid “See Naples and die,” or so they say. The same quote is often applied to Barcelona, Catalunya’s eternally popular – and tourist-ridden – capital, but in my experience Madrid beats Barcelona hands down inContinue Reading