Combining seasonal British fare with a buzzing, classy atmosphere, Hix Soho comfortably lives up to its reputation There can be few people in the restaurant business who have not at least heard of Mark Hix, the former stalwart of Caprice Holdings, who now boasts an empire of his own, including outletsContinue Reading

12 Angry Men debate this age old aphorism Spare the rod, spoil the child – is discipline, or even corporal punishment, lacking in modern society? And do you believe that kids are too spoilt these days? JOE: “Absolutely. When you walk into a house during the festive season, and youContinue Reading

A stay at Bel and the Dragon offers delicious comfort food in idyllic surroundings Bel and the Dragon may sound like the name of an English fairytale passed down from generation to generation, and walking through the picturesque village of Cookham, just north of Windsor, it is not hard for yourContinue Reading

When one generally thinks about Austria and the Tyrol region, one generally thinks of snow. Tyrol is undoubtedly most famous for its winter sports, lying as it does in the heartland of the Alps. However, I was lucky enough to experience the region in the throws of its glorious summertimeContinue Reading

We asked our panel of twelve readers their opinion on this modern day societal problem…  JOE SCHNEIDER “I can’t pick up a paper without reading that some tradition or custom has been changed. In my humble opinion, it has all gone truly mad and overboard. Is there some idiotic – ifContinue Reading

Equity crowdfunding is offering the everyday investor the opportunity to get involved with promising young businesses Have you ever sat down to watch Dragon’s Den and said to yourself, “I would love to have a piece of that?” No, we are not talking about Sarah Willingham – instead we areContinue Reading

With Valentine’s Day approaching you will need to get that special someone a bottle of wine worthy of their love. James Lawrence picks out some of his favourites In light of that upcoming sham of a commercial holiday known as Valentine’s Day – sorry, I am single and bitter –Continue Reading

Rolex Submariner wristwatch

The personal timepiece has been an important and essential aspect of military life ever since its invention Success or failure in war has often been a matter of timing; to quote Miyamoto Musashi, (1584-1645), ‘You win battles by knowing the enemy’s timing, and using a timing which the enemy doesContinue Reading

A Mediterranean holiday in November might seem a little out of the ordinary. It certainly is when it involves a full-bore rifle Like many Brits, I have visited Spain countless times. Savvy short-haulers often hop across the Channel for winter sunshine and sangria, but if, like me, you find beachContinue Reading