The debate about the future of formalised experiences and fine dining is akin to Brexit; three commentators, four opinions. Many critics have stated repeatedly that several high-profile closures – including Claude Bosi’s Hibiscus in 2016 – combined with a general consensus that consumers prefer ‘casual dining’ is  evidence enough thatRead More →

Matt Pym proves that there is more to New Zealand wine than Sauvignon Blanc… One of the joys of a life in the wine trade is the ability to travel to exotic locations, where one meets great people, eats amazing food and if you plan it right, can fit inRead More →

Eduardo Gomez, the founder of Tequila & Mezcal Fest, the biggest Tequila and Agave spirit festival in Europe, has some tips for those who’ve only ever considered tequila as a shot… “Tequila is a spirit with an incredible heritage and distinctive flavours,” Eduardo says. “It can be as fine aRead More →

Highway Thru Hell, the Canadian TV documentary about heavy rescue operators working on the roads of British Columbia, initially showcased Jamie Davis and his fleet of brightly polished, chrome-heavy trucks. Obviously a man with a firm view on how he wanted his brand to look, the fleet culminated with theRead More →