I climbed all four hundred and forty-six 2,000ft mountains in England and Wales in just six months – the fastest-ever time. Solo and unsupported, I walked over 1,000 miles, ascended five times the height of Everest and slept wild under the stars over 25 times. And I did it allContinue Reading

The Aston Martin DB11 Volante bucks the rulebook with a grand tourer that works best with the roof down, says Chris Pickering. Does it get any better than this? Cruising through the Cotswolds with the crackle of the DB11 Volante’s V8 ricocheting off the dry stone walls and the lastContinue Reading

The Benromach Distillery Company Ltd has announced the release of two Heritage expressions, Benromach Heritage 1977, a 41-year-old single cask vintage (49.6% abv) and Benromach Heritage 1972, an exclusive 46-year-old single cask vintage (55.7% abv). Matured in single-refill American Hogsheads, we managed to get our hands on the Benromach Heritage 1972 – and came awayContinue Reading

Goodwood is synonymous with horse racing, historic motorsport and a summertime motoring festival but does its reputation for exclusivity and privilege extend beyond its flagship events?  Looking for a birthday weekend away with his wife, Stewart Longhurst decided to find out. If you’re seeking weekend destinations steeped in automotive culture,Continue Reading

The Vignale is Ford’s premium trim level; think Ghia for the 21st century. More exclusive than that though, although not for the reasons the European planners imagined; aimed at well-heeled folk with a fondness for the Blue Oval, most prefer their premium daily driver to be more Germanic than TOWIE.Continue Reading

The KODIAQ is Skoda’s answer to the seven-seat SUV question that British families seem obsessed with asking. Forget the fact that almost everyone would be better in an estate like the Volvo V60; the middle-classes seem to prefer the feeling of superiority that comes with an elevated driving position. Yet,Continue Reading

Whether for the love of motoring or the love of money, the virtues of buying a specialist car are manifold. Barnaby Dracup finds out what’s hot and what’s not in the supercar market. The freedom of the open road in the car of their desires is surely every motoring enthusiast’sContinue Reading

I have always been a keen cyclist. Never the fastest, never the slowest, I enjoy it for what it is: Self-propelled travelling, time to be social and to see the world around you. Yes, I ventured into the world of Lycra, of bright colours, figure-hugging garments, and feeling like youContinue Reading

When family and friends discovered that I was due to travel to Belgium and Germany relying solely on public transport – predominantly rail – they could hardly contain their mirth. “You’ll be bored witless” (I’ve edited slightly), came one response. “Why would you use trains when the flight is lessContinue Reading