Think of Florida and you’ll think of Disney World, Orlando and theme parks, but there’s so much more to enjoy. With 47 miles of golden-sand seafront, The Palm Beaches area of Florida provides all the opportunity you’ll need to get active outdoors without fighting the crowds at Disney or findingContinue Reading

March’s Geneva Motor Show marks the 90th anniversary of the exposition, with the 2020 show promising more than 100 World and European premieres. Here’s everything you need to know to be there and enjoy it.

There must be something about Lexus design that just works. All those sharp edges, straight lines and contradictory angles on the NX leave some viewers aghast but, for every hater, there’s somebody that thinks a Lexus is the bee’s knees. If Marmite made cars, they’d build a Lexus.

There’s a magic that surrounds a classic Mustang, a spirit that spans the gap between car culture and real life. Buying into that culture can set you back a bit, but one company has taken that spirit and distilled it into the P-51 Eleanor watch.