NEW exclusive collection from Longthorne Gunmakers

The exclusive Renaissance Collection is 100% English made and available in 12, 16 and 20 bore featuring a gold-plated trigger, extended full-length trigger guard, engraved stock cap and personalised stock oval. With their patented barrel technology, the barrels are made from one piece of metal with no soldered joints ensuring they create a lightweight, strong gun with low recoil. The Renaissance Collection displays beautiful deep engraving featuring gold inlayed game birds and flowers which have been finished by hand.

Once your gun is ready to be collected it will be presented in a Malton Bridle Leather double gunslip and in a bespoke leather-bound presentation case so that you have a protective case for all occasions.

They offer the opportunity for customers to customise specific aspects of the gun on request and will work with you to create a masterpiece you will be proud of. Plus, also offering in-house custom gunfitting to ensure that the gun is perfect for you.

Any orders placed during November 2018 will be available for the 2019 game season. Renaissance Collection is available as a pair or single gun.

Single £39,950

Pair £79,950
01772 811215

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