Keepr’s Hard Seltzer Adds Honey Twist

Sparkling water, some jazzy fruit flavours and a slug of vodka sounds like a wonderful combination, and it’s all that goes into Keepr’s Hard Seltzer – apart from a drop of honey from its own bees.

As the summer gets into full swing, you’ll be seeing hard seltzers all over the place. They’ve been a thing in the US for a while, and that trend has now reached Britain where manufacturers are hoping we’ll be swayed by the prospect of a fizzy, fruit drink that’s alcoholic and low in calories,

Keepr’s take on the hard seltzer trend is presented in a slim 250ml can, with a touch of colour and a discrete graphic to show what flavour is inside. Pomegranate and Rose, Pear and Ginger or Passionfruit and Elderflower are your options, which suggest a light touch on flavour.

However, coming from the British Honey Company, there’s also a drop of British honey to add a little sweetness.

Keepr's Hard Seltzer range

Taken straight from the fridge and poured over ice, the drink certainly looks refreshing enough. At 4.2% ABV, they’re about as strong as an average beer, but there’s a barbecue-in-the-sun appeal that even a beer can’t quite manage.

It all comes down to taste, of course, and the alcoholic sparkling water was certainly as refreshing as it looked. The flavour was subtle across all three options – too subtle for me – but did the trick on a sunny afternoon.

Given the water content, I dare say the chance of a painful hangover is lower, but then the ease with which you can get through a can makes excess drinking rather more of a risk.

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But will hard seltzer move the masses away from beer in the sun? For me, probably not. If I’m going to mix some spirits, I’ll go for a heftier slug into something with more flavour. These low-calorie options might be marginally healthier, but lightly-perfumed water with a dash of vodka doesn’t quite do it for me.

One man’s view shouldn’t count for everything though; the cans were shared around a group of mixed ages and the feedback was mixed, ranging from “best thing ever” and “ooh, that’s really nice” to “what’s the point?”

Given that, I’ve got to end the review in the worst way possible – go out and try some for yourself.

Keepr’s Hard Seltzer is available in single 250ml cans with an RRP of £2.75. Single and mixed flavour cases of 12 are available via the British Honey Co and Amazon.

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