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Recreate a concert in your home with these high-end speakers



Standing 126cm tall and weighing in at almost 50kg each, you will have to get the lads round to help you install these Epicon 8 speakers from renowned Danish audio manufacturer, DALI.

These floorstanding speakers were years in development and represent the culmination of DALI’s quest to deliver music the way music is meant to sound, and do not fall into the trap of precisely separating all the sonic elements at the expense of listening pleasure.

Each speaker is individually hand-built and matched as pairs by DALI’s craftsmen and they produce a sound of great magnitude and scale with impressively deep resonating bass, with punch, power and clarity in the upper ranges.

DALI spent three years researching and developing their Linear Drive Magnet system, to address the four causes of distortion found in speakers, which now ensures the listener hears exactly what is on the recording. Just make sure you have a room large enough to place them in!dali-epicon8-ruby-front


– SPL 112dB

– Freq response 35Hz – 30,000Hz

– Size 49.7’’ x 13.9’’ x 19.6’’

CALIBRE Verdict:

The sound quality and physical finish are second to none with the classy looking cabinets available in three real wood finishes, so they should not be too much of an eyesore for the aesthetically sensitive members of the household.

Price: £11,495

Find at: dali-speakers.com




The Concept turntable has been designed as an easy entry point to the world of audiophile turntablism – it comes as a plug-and-play package with a moving magnet cartridge already fitted and the whole thing set-up for you at the Clearaudio factory, so no worries about the daunting prospect of fine tuning your turntable system.

The Concept features resonance-optimised chassis, flat-belt driven decoupled DC motor with low noise bush bearings, a pivoted tonearm with friction-free magnetic bearing and comes fitted with a choice of either the Clearaudio Concept MM or Concept MC cartridge. Moving magnet (MM) cartridges are more commonly found at the budget end of the market, while the higher-end tends to be dominated by moving coil (MC) designs. However, the preference is often subjective and the debate as to which is ultimately best can often get quite heated among aficionados!

All Aboard the Tequila Express


– Size 16.5’’ x 13.5’’ x 5.5’’

– Speed range 33.1/3, 45 and 78rpm

– Friction free tonearm with magnetic bearing


This turntable represents an excellent entry-point to high-end audio with a combination of ease of use, great build quality and top-end sound reproduction standards. A perfect addition to your home concert sound reproduction set-up.

Price: £995

Find at: mains-cables-r-us.co.uk





This KEF E305 5.1 surround speaker package features six modular units and comes in a choice of either white or black finish in a sleek, modern design.

To give you that immersive home concert experience, the satellite speakers can sit discretely around the room on side tables, floorstands or wall-mounts and delivers a precise level of sound reproduction for both movies and music so you will not miss a single detail, even at high volumes.

The satellite speakers utilise KEF’s Uni-Q drivers, which are derived from their award winning Q300 loudspeakers, giving a clean response across mid and high frequencies, for a clearer, distortion-free sound reproduction. The subwoofer features a high performance class D amplifier and driver for a punchy, clear bass performance, which really drives the whole ensemble forward, and places you right at the heart of the music – even in your own home.


– SPL 102dB

– Freq response 33Hz – 45,000Hz

– 1x Sub, 1x Hi-Freq driver, 4x Mid-range drivers


This modular space-age looking set-up would look great in any room and its powerful array of speakers can reproduce any type of concert with great depth, clarity and sparkling detail.

Price: £899

Find at: hifigear.co.uk





Wish you could create your own winter wonderland? Take the magic outside this season with these Bose FreeSpace 51 outdoor speakers.

Create the perfect atmosphere for your guests as they arrive for your annual gathering, or simply set the scene for your children or grandchildren as they play in the snow this winter. These high performance outdoor stereo speakers for placement in the garden, on the deck or on the patio connect to your existing audio equipment and offer broad, even coverage due to their 360-degree sound dispersion design. A centrally located port enhances low-frequency performance to help preserve the depth and richness of music outdoors.

Ridden: Trek 1120

Designed to blend in with garden greenery and with grooves on the underside of the base to neatly hide wires for a professional-looking installation, they are guaranteed and tested to withstand extreme weather conditions, so come rain or shine you can bring the outdoors alive.



– SPL 87dB

– Freq response 70Hz to 15,000Hz

– Size 14’’ x 12.5’’ x 12.5’’


Designed to withstand snow, sun, rain and ice, these rugged speakers from top-quality manufacturer, Bose, are the perfect way to take your music outside at any time of the year.

Price: £549 pair

Find at: vaughans.co.uk





The X Series subwoofers are the culmination of MK Sound’s 40 years experience in the design of superlative sub bass systems. Intended for use in the most demanding audio applications, they are equally at home wherever the finest music or home cinema is required.

This active-amp X10 uses MK Sound’s classic push-pull configuration to power its dual 10-inch woofers. This clever design eliminates drive unit distortion and delivers 6db of additional output giving enhanced bass detail, articulation, authority and impact, perfect for feeling it down in your boots!

This X10 subwoofer has also been certified and approved by the THX programme – the audio industry’s most demanding independent quality control body.



– 650 Watts

– Freq response 20-200 Hz

– Size 15’’ x 22’’ x 16.5’’

– Weight 30 kg


If you really want to replicate a concert in your own home then you need to seriously shift some air. This sub is one of the best out there and is probably the closest thing you will get to standing in front of a stadium speaker stack.

Price: £2,195

Find at: idealav.co.uk