CLOSED: Top Trumps Retro Car Packs

Remember Top Trumps, the competitive card game that ultimately comes down to “mine’s bigger than yours”? Now there are some Top Trumps retro game packs allowing you to reminisce over the 40 years that Top Trumps has been the UK’s no 1 card game.

We’ve got three sets of three packs to giveaway to you, delivered in time for Christmas, so you can either keep your children happy with some stocking fillers or keep the games yourself and live like it’s 1992 all over again. To enter, simply scroll down and fill in the form below.

Winners will receive an Exotic Sports Car 1992 pack, containing 30 cards that showcase the TVR V8S, Lamborghini Diablo and Jaguar XJ220, amongst others. The pack features its original production date – making it the perfect gift for someone special born in the same year.

There’ll also be a Sports Cars pack, full of the biggest and fastest road legends of all time: from the stylish NSX and the brutal F40, to the glamorous Veyron and the groundbreaking Huayra.

Finally, your prize will include the Crazy Cars Top Trumps retro pack, a throwback deck that showcases original artwork including the Midnight Shocker, Porsche 917 Le Mans and the Plymouth Super Stock.

Each pack retails for £4.99, and are available from and other stores.

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