[if_slider id=”3782″] I first met Andrew Green after he’d entered a competition to shoot the unveiling of a new McLaren Formula One car at the McLaren Technology Centre. I was working with McLaren at the time and while the competition drew hundreds of entries, I was instantly drawn to Andrew’sContinue Reading

Ed Byrne doesn’t like doing interviews. After two decades of being probed interminably by journalists of every stripe on every detail of his life and work, the Dublin-born comedian could perhaps be forgiven for his media weariness and wariness. This however, is not the true source of his aversion. InContinue Reading

During a career spanning nearly five decades, John Sergeant has been at the forefront of mainstream media-reporting, writing, and even dancing. Calibre: Based on your recent output, have you always had a yearning for travel and adventure? “That was certainly one of the reasons why I didn’t become an actorContinue Reading

CALIBRE sits down for an intimate conversation with Brian Blessed to talk about his past, his present, and his future hopes for mankind  Calibre: Would you appear in Doctor Who again, if the chance arose?
 “Oh yes, I would love to play the Doctor, absolutely! A few years ago IContinue Reading

CALIBRE talks to Sir Tony Robinson about bringing back Baldrick and Blackadder, working on Time Team, his dreams of rock stardom and potential for Bond villainy Calibre: Was the experience of writing you new autobiography cathartic? “Yes, but I wasn’t nearly as aware of the emotions I was going throughContinue Reading

CALIBRE sits down with the King of Punk himself, John Lydon Calibre: What do you believe is the most punk thing you have ever done? “Fucking butter! Without a doubt!” says Mr Lydon, leaning back with a laugh. “What an insane thing that was to ask us – I mean itContinue Reading

12 Angry Men debate this age old aphorism Spare the rod, spoil the child – is discipline, or even corporal punishment, lacking in modern society? And do you believe that kids are too spoilt these days? JOE: “Absolutely. When you walk into a house during the festive season, and youContinue Reading