Carlton Boyce has always recoiled from spending hundreds of pounds on a pair of wellies. Can Le Chameau’s Chasseur boots change his mind?

Westley Richards, the iconic Birmingham based gunmakers, held an event at its Pritchett Street showroom and factory recently to celebrate the launch of its new partnership with Orvis UK. The ‘Orvis Residency’ will run for three months, including the Christmas period, at the Westley Richards store in Birmingham’s Gun Quarter.Continue Reading

Carlton Boyce tries dog sledding for the first time, and finds it affects him on a level he wasn’t expecting. 1. It’s as though God had just discovered the saturation level in Photoshop, and got a bit carried away; here in Fish Lake it’s so bright and clear and vividContinue Reading

Nikolas Kairinos, CEO and founder of Fountech, takes a look at how Artificial Intelligence is presented in films, and compares that with the reality. For many, the only reference point they have for artificial intelligence (AI) comes from Hollywood films. For the best part of a century, however, Sci-Fi filmsContinue Reading

The Macnab is considered the greatest countryside challenge in luxury fieldsports, says Kate Gatacre. “It will be verra, verra deeficult. I said the odds were a thousand to one, but I think ten thousand wad be liker the thing.” Thus Pronounces Wattie Lithgow, the old stalker, to the three adventurers inContinue Reading

Steeped in history these premium brands are no slouches when it comes to offering the very best in men’s fashion, style and accessories MAGEE In the same year the New Zealand gold rush began, the US declared the end of the Civil War, and the first yacht race across the Atlantic tookContinue Reading

The loss of eyesight can be doubly cruel for an artist, as two Impressionist masters found out. Can there be anything more terrifying for an artist than the thought of losing their sight? For them, it is their source of income and the main way they draw inspiration from theContinue Reading