Lenses are the single most important aspect of any photographer’s kit bag. That’s right. It’s not sensors with gigantic megapixel counts, or having the latest model number, or even the highest frame rate. While they all have their place and use, it is the lens you use when you takeContinue Reading

Shooting landscapes is made easier with the right equipment, but it’s the composition that makes the real difference… The first choice to make when shooting a landscape is the focal length you are going to use. The natural instinct when you are presented with a beautiful scene is to tryContinue Reading

As the revival of film cameras shows no sign of stopping we weigh up the pros and cons of ditching your digital camera. Photography – in its many and varied forms – has existed for nigh on 200 years. In the early 1820’s Nicéphore Niépce developed the process of heliographyContinue Reading

[if_slider id=”5726″] In the third article in the series, renowned photographer Mark Fairhurst explains why he loves his cheap Leica Summitar 5cm lens. In 1939 Batman made his first appearance in a comic. Judy Garland sang Somewhere Over the Rainbow. Ghandi started his protest about British rule in India. ThereContinue Reading

In the second of his series of articles on Leica rangefinder camera, renowned photographer Mark Fairhurst explains how you actually use one. I’ve been a professional photographer since the early 1980s, so using ‘older style’ cameras such as my Leica digital rangefinder is second nature to me, and while IContinue Reading

In the first of a series on Leica rangefinder cameras, renowned photographer Mark Fairhurst explains why he loves using them. I have been a professional photographer since the late 1970s, producing work for clients such as Dunhill, Wilkinson Sword, and BMW to name but a few. The formats I usedContinue Reading