Is there enough being done to help? Is it social factors? Life in general? Or perhaps some are suffering from PTSD without realising? Peter Marshall, Stevenage “It might have something to do with the enormously gynocentric therapy industry. Most men who have been to couples counselling will testify to this. ItContinue Reading

Post Traumatic Stress Disorder can affect men in different ways, often leaving them feeling depressed and alone Steven Price Brown joined the Army Reserves at the age of 40, embarking upon a short but intense military career which saw him complete a tour of Helmand Province with The Grenadier GuardsContinue Reading

We asked the CALIBRE Facebook followers what they thought about the changing role of men in society Ian James, Herne Bay “Certain groups of men may be losing their identity, the white working class, for example, as the manufacturing sector declines. I would agree with one of the other comments –Continue Reading

We asked our panel of twelve readers their opinion on this modern day societal problem…  JOE SCHNEIDER “I can’t pick up a paper without reading that some tradition or custom has been changed. In my humble opinion, it has all gone truly mad and overboard. Is there some idiotic – ifContinue Reading