It is hard not to notice the piles of wood, the shelves stocked full of books, tools, CDs and, of course, the skeletons of the violins themselves. Their simple elegant designs, all curves and decorative flourishes, are not yet finished, but still resemble a work of art even at thisContinue Reading

The Avro Vulcan is an enduring image of the Cold War era, but it first saw action in the Falklands Conflict. For many years the RAF’s delta-wing jet bombers were the cornerstone of Britain’s nuclear deterrent, ready at a moment’s notice to fly deep into the Soviet Union carrying BlueContinue Reading

The genre of film noir has made an indelible impact on cinema, says Josh Stephenson. “I get into my office a little after nine. My hangover follows me in five minutes later. That’s just how it goes. You spend the morning trying to chase it away, but it always catchesContinue Reading

Much more than a game of luck, poker is a battle of wits that relies on supreme skill and logic. The past three hours have been leading to this moment. After negotiating some tricky hands, folding at the right times, calling at better times and keeping a straight face whenContinue Reading

The German Tiger I was the most feared battle tank of the Second World War. Its invincibility lay in its big main 8.8cm gun and heavy defensive armour. At a hefty 57 tons the Tiger was a massive machine and weighed more than twice its stablemate the Panzer IV. WhenContinue Reading

While Stewart Longhurst honed in on The Outlaws for us, photographer Andrew Green took a typically electic, wide-angle view of the London Concours.   Photos by Andrew Green @picturecorner

A once mighty pioneering force in the automotive world, Lancia now languishes in the bottom left “low-low” quadrant of Fiat Chrysler’s Boston Matrix awaiting an uncertain future. Stewart Longhurst takes a look at the marque’s history and visits Thornley Kelham, a modern business that is keeping Lancia alive with theirContinue Reading

I have always been a keen cyclist. Never the fastest, never the slowest, I enjoy it for what it is: Self-propelled travelling, time to be social and to see the world around you. Yes, I ventured into the world of Lycra, of bright colours, figure-hugging garments, and feeling like youContinue Reading