Cars, Cigars and Guitars

Thinking of spending the kid’s inheritance this autumn? Then why not take a look at our list of inspirations below?

While the hopeless romantics among us may disagree, there are just three little words designed to send flutters through the heart of any man: cars, cigars, guitars. What else could encapsulate masculinity more than the raw power of the car, the suave sophistication of the cigar and, of course, the passion of the guitar? With the festive season beckoning, bringing with it the cavalcade of disappointing presents from people who should really know you better, perhaps you would be better off treating yourself to le cadeau idéal. It is nearly Christmas, after all.

Range Rover Classic Chieftain by Jensen

The Range Rover Classic Chieftain by Jensen is a classic brought bang-up-to-date. Jensen International Automotive takes the classic Range Rover bodyshell we all know and love, and retro-mods it with modern Range Rover Sport underpinnings. The result is a vehicle that is as beautiful as it is reliable and capable. And fast.

Price: POA

Thornley Kelham Outlaw

The Thornley Kelham Lancia Aurelia Outlaw to give it its full title, is a hotrod version of one of the fastest-appreciating cars on the classic car scene.

While the firm can accommodate any requests, the basic recipe starts with it stripping the donor car to a bare shell before fitting it with a 2.8-litre V6 engine. The result is very expensive but utterly beguiling; we can’t think of a finer way of driving down to your home in the south of France.

Driven: Suzuki Swift Sport

Price: around £400,000

Dunhill Rollagas Lighter

A lighter need not be a mere trinket, instead it is a stylish accessory perfect for making a statement. So, take out this Dunhill Rollagas lighter, coated with palladium and engraved with the iconic Dunhill barley pattern to have all eyes on you.

We would recommend a cigar to go with it, but the Nanny State has decreed we cannot do that anymore. And we would not want to be a bad influence now, would we?

Price: £625

Gentili Desk Top Humidor

If you are serious about your cigars, then you will already know the importance of having a good humidor in your home. For those of you who are new to the world of cigars, a humidor is used to keep your cigars at the correct humidity, which is roughly 70% and at a temperature of 64°F. This stops the tobacco from drying out and means that your cigars will be in peak condition no matter when you want them.

Gentili offers a range of humidors to suit all pockets and styles, making it ideal as a centrepiece for any home study.

Price: from £100

Fender American Standard Stratocaster

If asked to name the most iconic electric guitar of all time, there is a strong chance that you would say ‘Stratocaster’. Looking through the names of some of the musicians who have played, and made famous, these unmistakable Fenders is a little like imagining one’s dream Glastonbury line-up: Jimi Hendrix, Eric Clapton, Ritchie Blackmore, and Jeff Beck. The list is endless and there is a simple reason for that – nothing feels quite like a Strat.

Built in Britain: What Makes a Bentley?

If you are looking to take up, or rekindle, playing the guitar there are cheaper alternatives to consider before embarking on your Spinal Tap-style comeback tour. However, the simple pleasure of following in your heroes’ footsteps will make your musical investment worthwhile.

Price: from £559

Lowden F-50

Rockband nostalgia and inspirations aside, when you need to crank the amp back down below 11, it is time to reach for the acoustic.

Lowden guitars are famed across the world for their unique sound that suits both singer-songwriters and fingerpicking guitarists. The Lowden F-50 is handcrafted with walnut and Adirondack wood to produce a clear, defined sound that has all the punch and dark Celtic tonality you would expect from a Lowden. Legends that have played a Lowden guitar include Eric Clapton, Richard Thompson and, ahem, Ed Sheeran. We would not want to hold that last one against them, however.

Price: circa. £5,925


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