The Kia Stinger is all about the journey, as Ian Angus discovers… Kia has dubbed the Stinger (its first foray into rear-wheel-drive) a grand turismo rather than a sports car; to my eyes, it’s the best looking car Kia has ever produced. It’s also been around for a couple ofContinue Reading

Suzuki Swift Attitude Front

The Suzuki Swift is a small car with an unfeasibly big attitude, says Ian Angus. Suzuki has built a brand on building small cars and 4x4s that provide great value for money; after the Jimny, the Swift is its most recognisable model, and that has now been given a mid-lifeContinue Reading

The Volvo XC40 removes the hassle of driving but leaves a good dose of fun, says Ian Angus. Despite the SUV market in the UK having become ever more crowded, Volvo is keen to enter the fray and make your SUV-buying decision even harder, and the XC40 sits at theContinue Reading

The front of the Jack Russell Inn, Faccombe

You would be forgiven for doubting your sat-nav on the approach to the Jack Russell Inn in Faccombe. Driving through the trees, the green canopy pierced here and there by shafts of sunlight, it feels as though you’re driving into the depths of a forest, and should be leaving breadcrumbsContinue Reading

Carlton Boyce takes a look at why language matters, and why being politically correct is so important. I posted something on Instagram recently. Posted in jest, I was careless with my use of language, something a friend of mine was quick to point out. You see, I’d used the wordContinue Reading