We Brits have a long history of flavouring our gins with aromatics in addition to the more usual juniper; sloe gin might be the most famous but there are many others, as anyone who has perused the shelves in their local pub or supermarket will have discovered. Part of thisRead More →

Cambridge Distillery has launched a limited-edition artisan gin designed to be drunk at breakfast. Called, logically enough, Breakfast Gin it was curated by company founder & master distiller William Lowe. Just 100 bottles were made and the entire production run has already sold out. We managed to get our handsRead More →

Dutch courage, mother’s ruin, divine nectar… whatever you call it, gin is back in fashion. Paul Trow salutes its current pre-eminence while harking back to a time when, if possible, it was even more popular than today. From London to Manchester to Plymouth, and most street corners in between, ginRead More →

In case you hadn’t noticed, gin is the latest spirit du jour Think ‘gin’ and you immediately think of England, or to be more specific, London. William of Orange first introduced gin to the UK from Holland when he took the British throne in 1689. The tipple remained popular rightRead More →

Brian Cox talks about the importance of roots, heritage, and not losing sight of where we come from Brian Cox has been making waves over the last 50 years for his performances on stage and screen, and more recently for his politics. C: Have you ever forgotten your lines onRead More →