Focus On: Sean Malyon

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A commercial photographer based in Bristol, Sean Malyon and I met during a photoshoot in the hills around Llangollen where he managed to make me look uncharacteristically heroic. And, even better, he managed to do it quickly, a much-prized trait in any photographer…

While Sean modestly says of himself “I confine people to a rectangular box and press a button” it’s his use of light, both natural and artificial, that is a large part of what sets him apart from his colleagues. That and his knack for putting his subjects at ease. And making them look heroic.

He is a one-man photographic content generating machine and can even bring along his trusted team of makeup artists, stylists and art directors – and even a portable photographic studio – should your project require them.

His website has a wide selection of his images, as does his Twitter feed, Instagram profile, and Facebook page.

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Happiest in the snow, Carlton is an ex-police officer and prison governor who has migrated to the world of adventure travel via motoring journalism. Carlton drives boats and pickups with more enthusiasm than skill, and is currently working on his first novel in addition to his prison memoirs.