Focus On: Sean Malyon

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A commercial photographer based in Bristol, Sean Malyon and I met during a photoshoot in the hills around Llangollen where he managed to make me look uncharacteristically heroic. And, even better, he managed to do it quickly, a much-prized trait in any photographer…

While Sean modestly says of himself “I confine people to a rectangular box and press a button” it’s his use of light, both natural and artificial, that is a large part of what sets him apart from his colleagues. That and his knack for putting his subjects at ease. And making them look heroic.

He is a one-man photographic content generating machine and can even bring along his trusted team of makeup artists, stylists and art directors – and even a portable photographic studio – should your project require them.

His website has a wide selection of his images, as does his Twitter feed, Instagram profile, and Facebook page.