Tested: Vargo Titanium Travel Coffee Filter

I think we can agree that titanium makes everything better, can’t we? Whether it’s high-end bicycle frames, the McLaren F1 toolkit, or anodised fasteners in the engine bay, titanium brings a much-needed boost to even the most humdrum of objects.

The Vargo titanium travel coffee filter is a case in point. Weighing just 37gms (50gms with the mesh travel case) and only measuring 87mm x 71mm, it’s an ultra-lightweight solution to a problem no one really has. And, at nearly $50/£50, it’s an expensive way to shave a few grams off your pack weight especially if, like me, you’re using a 175gm double-walled aluminium vacuum mug.

But that’s to miss the point. I travel a lot. An awful lot, and getting good coffee in your hotel room is harder than you might think. However, if I pack the Vargo travel filter, I can make a great cup of coffee no matter where I am, whether that’s the side of a mountain, on the edge of a snowmobile trail, in a remote log cabin, while I’m out ultra-running, or even just staying in a Travelodge outside Heathrow.

And, the fact that it’s titanium makes me smile every single time I use it; the way it seems to float in my hand is worth every penny – and because it represents a significant investment (yes, I did pay for it myself…) I take care not to lose it. Which is not something that can be said of the little travel cafetière that preceded it.

Carlton Boyce @motoringjourno