Are Men Losing Their Traditional Role In Society?

We asked the CALIBRE Facebook followers what they thought about the changing role of men in society

Ian James, Herne Bay

“Certain groups of men may be losing their identity, the white working class, for example, as the manufacturing sector declines. I would agree with one of the other comments – was there ever a traditional male role? Surely as society evolves, so individual and group roles, status, function etc., must inevitably evolve with them. Groups that fail to meet, change or engage in change, then look disenfranchised and anachronistic.

There is truth in the contention that certain groups of men are trying to overcompensate, but being all-singing, all-dancing is a recipe for burn-out and, ultimately, a sense of anomie. You can’t keep singing and dancing forever.”

Phil Hartshorn, UK

“If you feel you’re lost or are losing your identity as a man, then you’re either overthinking things and need to nut up, or you’re not a man in the first place and need to go make some sandwiches!”

Rachel Jennings, Nottingham

“My late dad was one. A real man, who raised me in non-gender specific terms. As a result I’m a can-do woman, as comfortable with a drill as in the kitchen. I love meeting men who are equally flexible (I wish there were more of them). Skills & independence are valuable and attractive, whoever you are.”

Laza Gray, London

“Yes. Where have all the lions gone? This is a woman’s world. Women wanted the vote – they got it. Women wanted empowerment – they got it. Women wanted high heels, fast steel and a kitchen to match. They left the man behind: fast cars, caviar and a matching bra. But, when something ‘Man’-ual needs doing, out his box he comes!”

“Groups that fail to meet, change or engage in change, then look disenfranchised and anachronistic”

Colin Brocklesby, Grantham

“Yes, I strongly believe men have lost the identity of what they once were. Fifty years ago a ‘job’ was a man’s job.Today, 50 years on, and a woman can do any job a man can – sometimes better. Why didn’t they then 100 years ago? Well, I believe they just weren’t given the chance and now, today, the roles are often reversed. We have the house-husband, who stays at home and looks after the kids and does all the work a woman would have done in times gone by.So, we men no longer have a standing as ‘men’, we are now equal with the ladies. Mind you, I still hold the door open for a lady.”

Anthony Lewis, London

“In a word, no. Yes, there are women CEOs etc., but where men are concerned their ‘identity’ is nowhere near being lost. If anything is lost it is the desire for traditional and old-fashioned values, such as non-transient marriages, relationships and long-term unions etc. Men and women, obviously, are direct opposites to each other and one could not exist without the other.

Brian Allen, Hull

“I’d love to comment on that but my wife won’t let me…”

Equable Osagiede, London

“Yes, they are. In fact, they are stripped to the bone in the name of gender equality.”


Edward Battye, UK

“Men are not losing anything. You are who you want to be. There are more opportunities now for men of all standings in society. You make your own image based on what you do. So, stop blaming everyone else for your own uselessness. Go prove your worth and you’ll be respected by everyone. For all those blaming the wife, women etc., sort your sh*t out and speak up for yourself. No one will do it for you. I am an independent man because of the upbringing I got from my mother. So get on with your lives and make the most of it!”

Rich Siddon, Chesterfield

“I think a traditional role model is an imposed stereotype anyway. Men have the chance to reclaim a new identity. Bring it on.”

Simon Robertson, Ipswich

“Yes, we’re being marginalised by third-wave feminists who incidentally are part of the leftist movement; cultural Marxism at its finest.”

Peter Royle, Stockport

“Will have to wait to express my opinion as my wife hasn’t told me what it is yet!”

Andy Wood, Newcastle

“Real men don’t lose their identity.”

“Men have the chance to reclaim a new identity. Bring it on!”

Stephen Woodruff, Rhyl

“Did we ever have a traditional identity? Like the song says: ‘This is a man’s world which is nothing without a woman in it!’ It’s the union of a man and woman that makes the basis of any society. I think men are what women allow.”

Bob Hill, Bournemouth

“What is this ‘traditional identity’ you speak of? Gender roles have always been fluid. Men and women have been steelworkers or agricultural workers, just as they have been tailors and sewing machinists. What has been eroded in the 21st century UK is working class traditions, all destroyed by de-industrialisation, demonisation, eradication of social democratic values, gentrification and appropriation of working class pursuits, such as football, by the ruling elites and their bourgeois allies. There have also always been gay working class men and women who led the way for equality in the armed forces etc., and bucked all the gender stereotypes.”

Mark Johnson, UK

“Yes, we are, because of feminism. For some women they need feminism because equality is not enough, they need total control. For the record, I am not a chauvinist, nor a feminist, I am an ‘equalist’.”